Oct 09, 2010

Kleer Video Productions
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I used KVP as a videographer for my wedding on 10/9/10. Jack Dempsey showed up to the wedding and did his job- he seemed professional in person. However, we were not able to contact him by phone or by email for almost 6 months after the wedding. My mother and I finally filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of NJ. At first, the BBB was unable to contact Mr. Dempsey as well. Finally his father was contacted and we recieved a draft of the video in which my husband's first name was wrong and our last name was misspelled. Jack Dempsey sent me an email apologizing for being unreachable and excusing his behavior by saying that his mother was ill. I was sympathetic to his situation but insisted that he stay in contact with me until the video was completed. I left several messages on Mr. Dempsey's voicemails (he has several phone numbers which he apparently does not check) and I emailed him 3 times explaining the mistakes that needed to be fixed and requesting that he get in contact with me to confirm he understood what needed to be changed. The last time I heard from him was an email 3 months ago. I have no expectation that I will ever recieve the final copy of my wedding video.

I recommed that you NOT use Jack Dempsey and Kleer Video Productions in your wedding as he and his company is not reliable. If you have used him and you have had problems please contact the BBB of NJ and file a complaint so that he suffers some consequences!!!
Services used: Videography