Jul 31, 2011

( 2.4 / 5.0 )
Was very disappointed with this vendor. After submitting my purchase online, I felt really happy, however, I was told the next day that the item was out of stock. What kind of an online system do you have where it accepts payment for an item that does not exist! Then as crazy as it seems I tried to purchase something else and again I was pretty content with my purchase. Unfortunately, I recieved another call stating because I used two coupons during the transaction, Little things would have to cancel one of the coupon. I was fine with that because I can understand that. But what I dont understand is the stupid explanation that they gave me by canceling the least discount towards my purchase. How unfair is that! I don't understand why they could not allow me to choose the coupon I wanted toward my purchase. Highly upset. What a waste...highly fustrated!
Services used: Favors & Gifts
Little Things Wedding Favors
Hi Rosie! I apologize that the first item you received was out of stock. This often happens when we run out of stock that same day and we did not have enough time to update the site between the time you ordered and the time we were notified. In regards to the coupon code, our CSR's are instructed to always give the bigger discount to our customers so that they get the most benefit. I would if you could contact us directly so that we can review your order we would be happy to assist you further. Thank you for your business and your review ~ it is appreciated! Sincerely, Team Little Things