Nov 05, 2011

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So my MOH uploaded a bunch of her pics from the day and here are my favorites. Still dying to see the pros!

A few pics photo 1

My best girls! L to R Nora who was in charge of all things cake related, me, Crystal my Matron of Honor and life saver, and Nikki.

A few pics photo 2

My parents. You can also see our photographer (who was amazing) and my DH!

A few pics photo 3

Before we went to the ceremony- how wonderful it was to be embraced by DH before we embarked on such a big journey.

A few pics photo 4

A few pics photo 5


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Here are a few cell phone pics from the day:

Some shots after getting ready when the photographer showed up

I m Married photo 1I m Married photo 2

I m Married photo 3

The ceremony:

I m Married photo 4

I m Married photo 5

I m Married photo 6

I m Married photo 7

Wine Tasting:

I m Married photo 8

I m Married photo 9

I m Married photo 10

I m Married photo 11

Can't wait for the pro pics!


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Wedding Map photo 1

My best friend and Matron of Honor did a fabulous mock up of a map to hand out before the ceremony. So excited!

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So this weekend was full of wedding stuff.

I picked up my dress after the alterations!

I got fitted for a new bra (!) to go with the dress.

I picked up these awesome earrings


I finally picked out a pair of flats to wear after the ceremony.

Wedding Style photo 1

They're vegan too! Bonus!


The beautiful cake is being ordered today as well. We're going with a vegan, gluten-free 2 tiered coconut and pineapple cake. It'll have a buttercream frosting with a thin fondant on top (so it won't melt in the hour long car ride). The cake itself has coconut milk in it as well as fresh pineapple.

We are going to have fresh flowers on top in gorgeous fall and wine inspired colors. I will have a matching flower in my hair.

Flower inspiration for colors/cake (I'm not doing florals anywhere else, not even a boquet)

Wedding Style photo 2


And on Friday, my Fiance and I went to Beverly Hills and got our marriage license! I'm so excited! 33 days to go!

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I seriously am obsessed with it. I love watching it sparkle.

The ring photo 1

I took the picture while laying on the living room floor.... yes, that's the living room carpet :)