Aug 11, 2012

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This is just a little introduction note. My name is Angela!! I live in the Boston area but I'm originally from Cincinnati, OH. On August 11, 2012 I will be marrying the love of my life, Chris. I feel so blessed to have found such an amazing partner in crime and can't wait to share the rest of my life with him!!!

I'm loving PW and I love to see everyone else's inspiration - and sharing my own. I started to make some things friends only to avoid prying eyes, but if you're interested I love new friends!!! Feel free to poke about and I always appreciate feedback :)

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I am so happy to finally be able to share information about our wedding venues!!!!

The ceremony will take place at Holy Family Parish in Rockland, MA. It is really beautiful!! After meeting with the priest here I cannot imagine being married by anyone else. He is dynamic and charismatic and made me feel instantly at ease even though I am not Catholic (FI is and I am considering converting).

First Things First photo 1     First Things First photo 2

And our reception will be at Black Rock Country Club in Hingham, MA. Again, completely fell in love - it's so beautiful!! And I totally clicked with the on-site coordinator. I instantly knew that she would make the wedding process super easy.

First Things First photo 3 <-- this is the clubhouse from the back. We will be using the open air terrace for cocktail hour :)

Here is the inside set up for a wedding.

First Things First photo 4

And finally this is the famous "Black Rock" at hole 16 (i think) on their beautifully manicured golf course!

First Things First photo 5 source

Most importantly - they are both available for our wedding on August 11, 2012!!!

So excited for more planning now that this very important decision has been made :)

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Ok, not really. But I think I've finally made some decisions about the direction I want to go with my color scheme.

              A Horse of a Different Color photo 1A Horse of a Different Color photo 2A Horse of a Different Color photo 3                 

I'm not super sure about that green, but I'm going for something along these lines...A Horse of a Different Color photo 4

I was originally thinking maybe Navy blue because I like the preppy look a ton, but I think purple has just a little more pizazz. Obviously the BMs will wear purple (not many people can pull off that color green!)

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The Proposal photo 1

We have been together for almost five years, and had talked a lot about getting married. But as much as we talked about it, it kept not happening! Finally I kind of gave up thinking about it, knowing that it would come when the time was right for both of us. Then one night he says "hey, I have tomorrow off, let's go to dinner." The next night he asked me to decide where to go, so I'm not thinking anything is going on - I mean, if he was going to propose he would have planned something right? So we went to dinner at Marina Bay in Quincy, MA.

The Proposal photo 2 After dinner, we took a walk along the boardwalk and found a pretty little spot out of the way, but still overlooking the water and the city skyline. We sat down on a bench and after a few minutes he says "Now that we're alone, I have something for you." WHAT!! This is the first clue I have that something is going on. He pulled the ring out of his pocket, dropped to one knee and asked if I would marry him!! I was already crying and laughing so I didn't even answer for almost 5 minutes.

The proposal was such a shock. He is a terrible secret keeper but he managed to sneak out of our house to meet with my parents two weeks before proposing to get their blessing AND had the ring hidden in the apartment for three weeks before the big day!! I was sure I would know when he planned to propose, but the fact that he didn't plan a big elaborate event made it a total surprise and made it feel spontaneous, which I think is even more romantic. So excited to be planning a wedding :)

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I met my fiance Chris almost 5 years ago at a party hosted by a mutual friend. While I had only known our friend Matt for a few months, Chris had been friends with him since high school. Chris and I seemed instantly drawn together and talked the entire night. It probably helped that he was in the Coast Guard at the time and recently home from boot camp. I'm sure you can understand that thing about a man in uniform...

Anyway, I vividly remember telling my mom the next day "I met this guy last night..." and she told me, make sure you let him call you. And he did, an hour or so later. We made lunch plans and never looked back. It sounds so cliche and cheesy, but we just clicked. We compliment each other so well, and I can't wait until I can officially call him my husband!