May 02, 2014

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He proposed lakeside, where he told me he loved me for the first time. He told me how much he loved me and how much of an impact I've had on his life and asked me if I would have him. I said yes and I cried, of course! It was amazing.The Ring photo 1

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I haven't done a make up or hair trial, I want something soft and romantic, ethereal, like an angel. I won't be wearing a veil either. I like the romantic flower look, I was thinking pink and cream roses in my hair, but who knows, I've got about a month to decide! You can probably tell now I wasn't one of those little girls dreaming about this day!

But here are my inspiration photos!

Hair and Make up photo 1Hair and Make up photo 2Hair and Make up photo 3Hair and Make up photo 6

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They're so lovely, so classic, so pretty! I wanted the vintage look with a smarter conservative heel, only because I couldn't walk 3 feet in the pink glittered platforms I tried on! I got them at DSW on clearance, and another customer gave me a coupon as we were chit chatting about my wedding. I spent $26 on shoes that were originally $80!

Now to keep my mother from stealing them... ;-)

My Shoes photo 1My Shoes photo 2

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Well, the dress certainly was an adventure. I went to a few "snooty" shops where, yes, the dresses were beautiful, but I couldn't feel the love knowing they were so expensive. I'm not knocking any ladies, but I've always been very practical towards money, I want a small wedding and for me, I couldn't spend a third of it on my dress.

So, I went to a consignment shop in downtown Philadelphia, apparently I had an "unusual size" and couldn't be accomodated. Really? Because our national average is a size 14, and that makes me average!


So after the rejection and realization I'd probably never find anything my size in these stores, I went to David's Bridal, which I had no interest in because the few dresses I've seen were awful, boring, or that overdone halter top princess gown. (WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE LOVE THAT DRESS?!)

My first trip, the sales girl made me feel like I was 1,000 pounds! I'm curvy yes, but I've still got a nice shape on a small frame. She had me trying on dresses 2 sizes to big and insisted anything smaller wouldn't fit me. She also went above and beyond my budget and attempted to bully me into a dress. I felt like I was on a very distorted version of "Say Yes To The Dress". I left heartbroken, dress-less, and very pissed off!

I gave up hope, and began to search the internet for wedding dress deals. Upon my search I cam across this dress, this dress that made me fall in love, I had to find it and when I looked it up I was told it was discontinued. I let it go, I was starting to think it wasn't meant to be and I should just settle for something.


My fiance took me to a different David's Bridal, I guess he was tired of me showing him dresses online haha! This time it was completely different. The store was having this huge mega sale, and when I told the woman what had happened in my dress hunt, she told me that I'm definitely a 14, not an 18 and pointed me to the clearance rack. She wouldn't let me look at any prices. I grabbed a few dresses and headed in the room. The first dress I tried on, I loved so much. I cried, Carl cried, the saleswoman cried. I looked in the mirror and I knew then I was wearing my forgotten discontinued dream dress. I couldn't believe my luck when the dress came with a $200 price tag! I was over the moon, so here she is, my beautiful dress!

The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2

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Carl and I have been together for about a year, a bit nutty I know, but he's such a romantic and I am head over heels with him! We've decided to take the plunge and I couldn't be happier.

It's the classic "I fell for my boss" story, or rather he says he had to have me as soon as he saw me! It takes a lot for me to find someone, and my love doesn't come easy. I usually take things very slow and even then I'm nervous about diving into that whole L word thing, but this time it was different. So different in fact, that we've been living together pretty much since that first week. On our first date he told me he knew he'd have to marry me someday, of course I laughed it off, but here we are!

He's my best friend, I've never been able to open up so easily to someone, I've never been treated with such love, kindness, and patience. I spent far too long with the wrong man, I was bitter and had no interest in dating after he broke my heart, and literally left me at the airport! I spent over a year finding myself, regaining my confidence, and promising that I'd treat myself better before I let anyone else in again. I've come to realize losing that relationship was the best thing that ever happened to me. I strengthened my bonds with friends and family, started to love myself again, and really invested in my dreams and goals to move to Philadelphia and get my butt back in school. Then all of these wonderful things kept happening, life gave me a lot to look forward to, and now I've found the man to share my happiness with.

We're looking at May 2014 for the big day!


*I have googled so many images, I can't tell what came from where, so please excuse me if I didn't give you any credit. PM me and I will correct my mistake*


Always happy to accept new friends :-)