Nov 11, 2011

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We waited and waited and waited for the fall colors to come out, and finally, a month before the wedding, were able to fit a day of photos into our schedule!  As luck would have it, being fall in Oregon it rained the whole time.  But we still got some great shots! 

Here are the sneak peeks, more to come :)

Engagement Photos photo 1Engagement Photos photo 2Engagement Photos photo 3Engagement Photos photo 4

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The other day my mom told me "I've never seen anybody so excited about thier wedding as you are!"  LOL.  It was a nice thing to say but, really, I owe it all (or a lot of it anyway) to this website, the awesome articles and instructions, and the amazing ladies that have made it all such a happening place to be! 

So far I've done several projects following PW instruction articles... Here is how they turned out and links for the instructions!

Do-it-yourself monogram:  The article has you do it in Microsoft Word.  I don't have that program but was able to follow the article well enough to complete it in Open Office.

 PW inspired DIY projects photo 1

DIY Hair Flower: This was the first ever project I attempted.  It sounded fairly easy from the article but didn't look 'homemade.'  My advice from this one is to use a smaller foam ball in the middle instead of the two inch, minus the pins (too heavy) and just glue/stick on the gems. 

PW inspired DIY projects photo 2

Tulle Flowers: A sewing project.  Really liked the flower, but still don't have a place to put it... ;-)

PW inspired DIY projects photo 3

Pearl Ribbon Necklaces: This one is an awesome idea and quick and easy to do.  I love the way it looks and can't wait to see it on my bridesmaids!  Only trouble I had with it was the crimp beads part - but I made it work :)

PW inspired DIY projects photo 4

And there you have it!  Some great articles and inspiration on this site.. more to come!

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I just love that our wedding will take place on 11/11/11 at The Old Church on 11th Ave!  The church has an adjacent room that will provide our reception area as well.

Ceremony room:

Ceremony and Reception photo 1Ceremony and Reception photo 2Ceremony and Reception photo 3Ceremony and Reception photo 4Ceremony and Reception photo 5

And this is the reception room:  Ceremony and Reception photo 6

I'm planning to have the ceremony and reception mostly candlelit or with dim lighting.  I think that will really highlight the unique shapes of the church.  Its right in downtown Portland, OR, too, so I'm betting we'll get some great photo shots in the area! 

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Flower girl baskets

More DIY photo 1


More DIY photo 2

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I bought a $10 guestbook off Craigslist, sight unseen, and although it was nice, it was kinda cheap looking.  So I decided to play it up!  I got some inspiration online, bought some ribbon, flowers, and bling, and started adding elements... Here is what I came up with for the outside cover:

Guestbook cover

And I loved the idea of having guests write little messages of advice, congrats, and whatnot so following a DIY article on PW here is what I did to the inside pages:

Guestbook pages

I had to remove some pages from the back of the book because the envelopes made it too "poofy" and I've since trimmed up the white ribbon in the front, but overall I think it will work nicely.  My next task will be to find a nice way to display the cards that go in the envelopes, the sign, and possibly adding something shiny to the pen.... Stay tuned!

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Shelby's mom has always wanted to play the music at her kids's weddings, but no one ever lets her because they wanted her to be able to relax and enjoy the day.  We decided to go a different route and let her play.  She's a piano teacher, and regularly plays the organ at her church, so she's incredibly talented and has played the music for many weddings and ceremonies.  I thought it was quite an honor to have someone play for us, let alone my future mother-in-law, and I can't wait to hear how it all comes together!

We've been working together over the past few weeks and finally got a playlist put together.  She has been a wealth of information about options; tailoring the song choices to fit our family backgrounds and our wedding "mood."  I love how it all came together, here is the list of songs...

Prelude, played on the piano (approx. half hour of music):

"Thanksgiving" by George Winston
"Butterfly Waltz" by Brian Crain
"Water Music" by Handel
"Idyll" by Oskar Merikanto
"Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring"
"Ein Kleine Nachtmusik" by Mozart

Seating of family and Groom's entrance, played on the organ:

"Highland Cathedral"

Brides Entrance, on the organ:

"Jupiter" by Gustov Holst

Bride being given away by father, on the organ:

"O Mio Babbino Caro" (O My Father)

Rose Ceremony, on the piano:

"Embers" by Helen Jane Long

Recessional, on the organ:

"Wedding Day at Troldhaugen" by Edvard Grieg

I just bought all the songs and put together a playlist for myself to listen to and the combination is really great.  I'm so happy for her help, all the songs are unique and I never would have thought about ceremony "mood" if it wasn't for her!  As it is, I think its going to be very special all around.  I'm thinking of making a copy of the playlist on CD for everyone in the bridal party and family as a rehearsal dinner gift :)