Jun 23, 2012

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Rustin and I had almost been dating 3 years when he proposed to me. Although he has never been much of a romantic, his proposal was OVER THE TOP romantic -- I loved every second of it :). Here is how the day of and night of my proposal went: He had called me around noon asking if I was busy with anything that night. This was a little strange for him to be asking since we lived together, but I continued to tell him that I was not going to be doing anything. He proceeded to ask me a series of questions such as: would you want to go to the spa and sit in the hot tub? (DUH! Of course I would!) He continued to tell me that his bosses wife had won a night to the spa's back room, where there is a hot tub, tv and a resturaunt would provide food for the night - and if they didn't use it by THAT NIGHT, then they were going to completely lose their free night. 

Around 7 o'clock we went to the spa and let me tell you, I had never seen anything like the room we walked into. There were rose petals scattered everywhere throughout the room. Along with the the petals was tea candles... RO-MAN-TIC! In the corner there was a bottle of wine chilling for us to drink (along with a couple more off to the side...) Rustin poured us both a glass of wine and then we slipped into our bathing suits and got into the hot tub. I remember thinking that this was the best night ever. The night continued and we got our food that we had ordered from the resturaunt... After a while I got to thinking that this would be the most perfect proposal spot, but figured it wasn't going to happen because Rustin kept saying he just wasn't ready yet.. I guess he really wasn't ready when we were at the Spa because we left!

I felt my stomach drop as we were driving home because I knew that I wasn't going to get engaged that night... Then I started to wonder if maybe.. just maybe.. he had decorated our house. When we got home I was the first one in the door and saw.... the same old house we left when we had left home that night... I was instantly sad and knew it really wasn't going to happen that night. He continued to go with his story that he needed to see how much the back room of the spa was because he needed to give his boss something for letting us use it and asked me to check their website to see if the price was on there. So I got on my computer and was searching their site when he came out of the bathroom with one hand behind his back. I thought this was a little strange but weirder things have happened so i just shrugged it off..

He asked me to stand up and, once again although i thought it was weird, I went with it. Then he got down on one need, pulled a rose out from behind his back and told me that I was the person that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with and that I am the love of his life. Inside the rose was my ring... my GORGEOUS ring... Of course, I said YES and hugged him!!

He walked to the front door and I thought maybe my parents and his parents were waiting to congratulate us, but instead he brought in some mail and handed me an envelope from Spencer Combs Photography. I immediately started crying because I have always dreamed of having him as my photographer. The letter said that he was so excited for us and our engagement and said that he couldn't wait to shoot our wedding on June 23, 2012. Not only had my man booked our photographer, he had set our date!!

Needless to say, this was the best night of my life so far.. I imagine our wedding night will cap this but we shall see.. :) Pictures to follow if I remember!