Aug 11, 2012

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Where do I start?Well My fiance Erik and I first met when we were both working in this little bakery called Dipaolo's Bakery in my hometown Rochester,New York.He was my supervisor lol.He would always ask me out on dates but I would always turn him down.I really didnt think it was a good idea at the time because I was more focused on taking care of my 9 year old daughter.Well long story short I finally caved in and ever since that first date wich was 5 yrs ago we've been inseparable.I have two beautiful children. I have a daughter that is 14 yrs.old from a previous relationship and Erik and I just had a baby girl 16 months ago.Im originally from Roch,N.Y. but for the past two years Ive been living in Biloxi, Mississippi to be closer to my fiance's family.Its a bit of a culture shock moving from New York to Mississippi but Im starting to get use to it.I love meeting new people,I love cooking,love the outdoors and for the most part I love spending quality time with my family.