May 19, 2012

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Getting Ready:

I am lucky enough to have an amazing friend who also happens to be an amazing hairdresser and makeup artist. She was so sweet and offered to do both my makeup and hair as a wedding gift. :)

We had been planning on doing a very different hairstyle before the day of the wedding -- hair down in big loose curls with a braid on the side. We had even done a few hair trials with that style. However, the day of our wedding was windy, I mean staple the tablecloths to the tables windy (true story!), and very hot with temperatures reaching the mid-nineties. It was a hard decision to make to change the hairstyle, since I had prepared myself for big beautiful curls, but in the end I asked my friend to come up with an updo on the spot that I would be happy with. She was so great to work with and fixed me up with an amazing twist on what we had already been planning. 

I loved hanging out with them before my wedding. If I can give anyone advice, it would be to surround yourself with calm, fun people before your wedding. Between her, my photographer, the cake baker (photographers sister--who happened to second shoot for her) and my mom, I had a blast getting ready. I was also very happy with my decision to nix the wedding party. Less stress all around.

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Easily sunburnt fiance + limited budget + a great love for the outdoors = Smokey Mountain Honeymoon.

I am so excited for this! We taking a little road trip to the Smokey Mountains and are going to relax and enjoy ourselves for an entire week! Yay! We reserved this little secluded cabin just outside of Gatlinburg. (VRBO: Chocolate Moose)




We really want to stay away from all of the toursity elements of the area and just focus on the beautiful surroundings, the wonderful national park, and being together. We might venture into town to get a bite to eat, but seriously, why would anyone want to leave this:


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When I first got engaged, I had no idea what kind of wedding dress I wanted, so I decided to write down a few key words for what I wanted in a dress: casual, comfortable, natural, unique. Well luckily for me, I came across this beauty on The Limited's website and at a great price!


Also, I plan on wearing cowboy boots under my dress. Gasp! (really all these gasps are getting old! :) ) Look at these gorgeous photos: (credit from top: prettylittleweddings; katie zaboy photography; tumblr)

Such a beautiful dress deserves a beautiful presentation, don't you agree? I also am going to be ordering one of these beauties to display it on. (etsy:einspanner)

I am not a big sparkly glitzy gal, so most bridal jewelry just doesn't seem to fit. I also decided early on that I want to wear a locket with my late father's photo in it. Since he cannot be here to walk me down the aisle, I want him to be able to be close to my heart through the entire night. I have been looking at this beauty: (Etsy


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Some people may gasp in horror but the groom wants to wear jeans and I don't see why he can't. The whole theme is rustic, country and what is more country than jeans? It is basically all he lives in and like I have said over and over again, I want this whole thing to be very "us." He's planning on pairing them with a crisp button down, black sports coat and boots. Plus, there are plenty of inspiration photos out there that have convinced me that it's a good idea:

I love the dark photo 962998-2My groom s wearing jeans photo 1My groom s wearing jeans photo 2

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My mom makes the best homemade jam and has taken on the task of making homemade jam favors for all of our guests. I hope to make cute little labels, something like this: