Oct 06, 2012

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Valentine's Mailbox!

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Leave me a valentine in my mailbox!! Happy Valentine's day!!

X0X  Heather



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So I originally wanted to do colors that went with fall. I wanted orange and dark brown, with splashes of bright green but the more I saw it and looked at it, I didnt like it. So I decided to go with something brighter! Im going to be staying with the dark brown color with off white and nudes to accent it. I think this will look more simplistic and less busy than my original colors. So here are some ideas of the shades I will be working with!!


Color Inspiration photo 1Color Inspiration photo 2Color Inspiration photo 3

Color Inspiration photo 4






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So here are the dresses we got for my bridesmaids, if you ever read my other post about my whole ordeal at Davids they didn't make it easy to get these let alone a bridesmaid dress in general! So this is what we have as a matching base to work with for all of the girls. Cost 63$ each with shipping and tax!!

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 1

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 2

It is in this color as well. So with the dresses done and purchased my idea to make them all a little different because I hate the matchy matchy look (too traditional, and DONE for me) so I'm going to have them wear cardigans in any style or color they want! Any color excluding pink, blue, and bright green that is since it wont go with the fall colors. I am also going to have them wear boots, ankle boots, or wedges in different styles too. What ever they are comfortable walking in on the grass. So I'm hoping it will all come together and look something like these pictures.

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 3

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 4

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 5

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 6

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 7

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 8



And then the boys are wearing "suits" and when I say "suits" I mean they aren't wearing suits haha. They will be wearing khakis or any brown color pants they have, a off white button down and brown suspenders with white converse. My fi hasn't decided if he wants ties or bow ties, but he knows he wants newsboys caps for sure! Here are some pics of that too!

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 9

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 10

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 11

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 12

Fi will wear a vest, he already has one from a previous wedding he was standing in.Then for the reception and more pictures the boys will have tuxedo t shirts, something my fi always joked about getting married in but I think it will work for the reception!!

Bridesmaid Dresses and Groomsmen suits photo 13

I'm so excited!! I hope the two look nice together. I know the two photograph well but I haven't seen it exactly like I want it yet in pictures!!




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Here is my design I came up with for the save the dates (sorry not a fan of the acronym lol). I got the mason jar stamp at Michaels then stamped and scanned it into my computer then I added text in paint! This is what it turned out as:

DIY Save the Dates photo 1


Then since the letters were a little bolder than the stamp I decided to take the file into picnik and edit it. I made it softened and then also changed the color with the sepia effect. Here they are finished!

DIY Save the Dates photo 2

Im going to get them printed on cardstock at a printing store and have 4 on a page. Then cut them all out and put some string or twine on them. If that ends up being cheaper than expected I might get some magnet stickers to put on the back of them and they can turn into magnets! I thought they turned out pretty good so far! I got the inspiration from different ideas online then took my own ideas and moved from there! More pictures to come!




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What is a Haul?

So a Haul is when you share things you buy on a recent trip to the store. I did these a lot when I had my make up youtube channel, you just press record and talk about the goodies you got or sales you encountered! Its fun! So I thought I would share my love and knowledge of hauling with the PW world! I thought we could use this a lot since I know I am always picking up things to be used!!

So my mom and I went to talk to the caterer to make sure our date would be available next year and he said that since my venue gives him about 90% of his wedding customers he automatically writes those in the book and we have first priority! AWESOME! So since he was busy with the holidays coming up we agreed to meet again sometime in the beginning of next year so that part it partially done, but I cant officially check it off my list!

Then we decided to go to lunch, I wanted salad so we thought of Olive Garden, mmmm! :) We have been there 2 other times for salad and soup after wedding adventures (it might be becoming a tradition!). Then we decided to look at Michaels before we walked in they had fake fall flower arangements for 90% off!! So I grabbed some to play with to decide what I want to have for the wedding! We also got some stamps on sale for 40% off which was awesome! I got a mason jar one which I LOVE I think I might use it for the STDs which need to get done ASAP. We also got a stamp for the candy bar bags! Here are some pictures!!

Wedding Haul photo 1

Wedding Haul photo 2

This is my collection started in the dinning room! Picture frames I got from Walmart (packs of 6 for $5 on clearance!) for centerpieces throughout and the pales were from Target in the dollar section! I took all the silver ones the had when I saw them haha Flowers were the ones from Michaels, some were just $0.19!!


Budget Bride Tip!

Go to resale shops like Goodwill, Salvation Army, or any Thrift store to look for glassware, baskets, or any other extras for your wedding. You will be surprised what you find, and you will LOVE the price!!


Then talking about the candy bar we went into Goodwill and looked for some glass containers for the candy. I found 4 of them and they were are $1.99!!! Awesome deal!!

Wedding Haul photo 3

This one I dont have a use for (yet!) but I couldnt leave with out it! Even more so because of the price! I love the cow detail on the front of the bottle! It says Absolutely Pure Milk and made in Italy on the bottom, so cool!

Wedding Haul photo 4 Wedding Haul photo 5


So theres my first haul! Hope you enjoyed!!!



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Here are my inspiration for the flower girl dress, yes tutus!! I love them, they look very fairie-esque and I love it! also reminds me of my dress a tad! Here are some pics and where I could get them, etsy is a great spot but its a bit pricey! I wonder if this could be a DIY project for me?!

Flower Girl Dress photo 1



Flower Girl Dress photo 2

Flower Girl Dress photo 3



So cute!!!!! Any one make this themselves?? I think I might be more excited about this dress now than my own haha!