Oct 12, 2012

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I live on the beautiful Mississippi Gulf Coast and I'm crazy about all things artistic -- including painting and graphic design. I'm a professional photographer and plan to shoot weddings in the near future. For now, my focus is on portraits. (No pun intended!)

My fiance and I are planning our wedding in the Paris of the South – New Orleans, LA. 

I started a blog to chronicle my wedding planning and keep all of my "notes" in one place. But then I realized how much fun it can be to share my stories with other brides. I write about everything from pretty color schemes to the many DIY projects I plan to take on. And you can expect a fresh post from me nearly every day of the week.
So follow our progress by reading my blog -- Love in the Big Easy!

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So I guess I should start this bio with a little bit of an introduction.

In early summer 2007, I was on the way to divorce. I moved an hour away from my hometown to Biloxi, Mississippi. I pretty much had to start over. I left my cushy 9-5 for a job as a server at local restaurant. As it turns out, Mr. Big Easy was working as a shift leader there.

I remember thinking he was a cutie -- and I just loved to watch him walk away, if you know what I mean. I never said much to him. To be honest, I wasn't looking to get involved with anyone.

Another co-worker had a crush on a friend of Mr. Big Easy. She asked him to set up a night where all three of them could go out to the bar. He agreed to -- with one catch. He pointed at me and told her to "get that cute little blonde girl to come with us." Of course, I was oblivious to this whole exchange. I didn't know the girl at all, so I was definitely surprised when she approached me with an invitation to the bar. (It wasn't until several weeks later that I learned about their deal.)

That "first date" didn't amount to much. I was a little interested but I kept to myself the whole evening out of shyness. But eventually, we went on a few more dates. After about a month, we sealed our official relationship status with our first kiss. (Yes. It took that long just for a kiss!)

Fast forward a year or two...

For a couple years, we'd talked about getting married. He was the one that brought it up and made it very clear that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We even browsed jewelry displays on several occasions. But for quite a while, there was no ring and no official engagement.

Then one day in July 2010, we stopped at a local jeweler to get my necklace cleaned. We did the usual -- migrating toward the ring case while we waited. Then, on a whim, he told me to pick one out and try it on. So we sat trying on several different rings and admiring them under the little magnifier thingy. (What is that thing really called, anyway?)

When I'd finally chosen one, he whipped out his card and headed to the counter.

So there you go. Our official engagement was on!

A few people have raised an eyebrow when I told them the story. Most expected some grand gesture with marquees and sunsets and exploding fireworks. But to me, it was the best engagement ever! I didn't need the fanfare to be absolutely, utterly delighted. AND I got to pick my own sparkler!

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