Jul 06, 2013

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*Bridesmaids personalized hangers

*Bridesmaids jewelry

*Bridesmaids shoes (just buy flip flops and dazzle them up)

*personalized bags for bidesmaids gifts

*paper flowers for the centerpieces

*sheet music roses for bouts

*crepe paper flowers for bouquets

*program board for ceremony

*towels for seating for ceremony (sew on heart patch)

*my shoes (find green ones and add sparkle)

*Cake topper (decorate the famous crafty eddy topper)

*Sign for candy buffet

*add rhinestones to tongs and scoops for candy buffet

*candy labels

*candy bags

*homemade rock candy ( we will see how this goes)

*toasting glasses for all bridalparty

*alter for ceremony

*hopefully dye my crinoline

*save the dates


*stand for the mini cakes

*"fake" cake to push cake pops into

*photobooth (permitting on time and if I can figure it out)

*flower girl wands

*smaller chalk boards for signs

*sign for photos

*crepe paper garland for behind cake table

*backdrop for head table








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    I now work at McJunkin Red Man which is a supply store for the oil field and I needed new gloves and I could not find any that would last me for more then a week. It was christmas eve and we were getting ready to go to Ryan's parent's house when Ryan told me that I could open one gift before we left. I sat down on the couch and he handed me a med size box. He picked up our son Thor and sat down next to me. I opened the box and was super excited to see that it was a new pair of work gloves!!!!! Nice ones too!!! I was about to set them down when Ryan told me I should try them on and make sure they fit. I told him not to worry that I knew they would fit great. He insisted that I tried on the left glove just to make sure. So to humor him I put the left glove on.  I put it on and said see it fits great!! Then I had realized that something had slid onto my ring finger as I put the glove on.  I sat there what felt like forever untill I finally took the glove off and saw a gorgeaous ring!! I was so surprised that I couldnt even say anything.  He looked at me and said well will you marry me?? and of course I said yes!!! It wasnt a romantic dinner out or a walk in the park butit was at home with our son and so personal that I tought it was perfect!! I wouldnt of wanted it any other way!!

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     It all began about 4 years ago. The first time I ever saw Ryan (my amazing FI) I was actually on a date with my then boyfriend (who turned out to be totally wrong for me and cheating on me for most of our two year relationship).  My ex and I were at Applebees for supper when I looked down a couple tables and there was Ryan smiling at me. I couldnt help but smile back. I didnt have any idea who he was or where he was even from all I know is I got a feeling just from his smile and big blue eyes. I didnt see Ryan around anywhere after that.  Untill about 6 months later when I found out that I was being lied to and cheated on for a very long time and I broke up with the other guy.

    I was working in the oil field at the time this all happened and one of my friends who is a guy actually worked with Ryan at the time and I had no idea that he did. My friend ended up giving Ryan my phone number and told him that he would like me and to give me a call. I worked out in the field and was never home. Ryan ended up texting me and we talked for hours. We ended up talking every night for hours at a time with no awkward silence for the next couple weeks untill I got home. Remind you we never talked face to face and I havent even seen him since that night at Applebees but I was already falling for him hard and fast.

    I picked Ryan up for our first date and once I saw him I fell even more for him. We were dating for only a month before I moved in with him. And dated for three months before getting pregnant. We have been together for almost three years now and our gorgeous son Thor will be two in December. I couldnt ask for a better family and am so happy at where I.