Mar 12, 2011

Stephen Ludwig
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Stephen Ludwig's wedding photos are stunning. My husband is an amateur photographer and was unimpressed with all of the boring, overpriced vendors we stumbled upon in our search throughout Kauai, where our wedding was being held. Dismayed, we then found Stephen’s website through a friend, and even my husband was blown away by Stephen’s dazzling use of light and color grading.

Stephen’s ability to capture a beautiful, simple moment is rare. For example, after we were pronounced “husband and wife,” my husband quite unexpectedly picked me up and spun me around; Stephen captured this joyful shot while I was still in mid-air, which couldn’t have been more than three seconds. He took a number of sweet and stunning photos of my husband and me in our separate locations before the ceremony began; playful and heartwarming pictures during the ceremony; and afterwards he had us walk out on the beach to be photographed against the sunset. He even took fantastic portraits of our guests, which we’re framing and giving to some of them as gifts.

Stephen was able to use anything that we stumbled upon to create fun, interesting shots: logs, old boats, beer bottles, and even the golf cart we used to scoot around the huge property. He is an undoubtedly excellent editor—heightening the color and interest of each shot—but in my opinion so much of Stephen’s artistic talent lies in his ability to frame each individual photo so beautifully. No computer can match what Stephen’s masterful eye can do with a camera lens.

Though Stephen’s talent speaks for itself (check out his blog or his website), he is also a pleasure to work with. He was very professional in all of our pre- and post-wedding exchanges and responded promptly and politely to email. I’m not the kind of gal who loves the spotlight, and was admittedly nervous about having my picture taken so many times. Stephen was so warm and accommodating and helped me loosen up in front of the camera, offering lots of friendly guidance.

Ultimately, Stephen *knows* weddings. He helped us move smoothly from the ceremony to the photo session to the reception, all while capturing each memorable moment. He even whispered some much-needed advice to us about how to cut the cake when my husband and I found ourselves standing up there at a loss. He took beautiful photos of things most wedding photographers overlook—the food, the centerpieces, the venue, tender moments between other couples—from our portfolio, you’d think that Stephen somehow managed to be in ten places at once. Since the wedding day is an absolute whirlwind, Stephen’s photos of each of these points are priceless; they beautifully capture the tiny but extraordinary details that had already begun to fade from our memories.

Even though we had to pay a little extra to fly Stephen to Kauai, his price was reasonable and he was able to customize a package for us that gave us everything we wanted. We couldn’t be happier with our photos and are delighted that we chose Stephen to photograph our special day.
Services used: Photography