Aug 01, 2015

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Hello! For those that have seen or spoken to me on here before you'll know it's been a while since i actively used PW. For whatever reason i was just wayyyy to busy to come on my laptop.

Quick update!

In 2011 i was ready to get married and had planned nearly everything, that didn't work out so i came on here to speak to the lovely friends i had made anyway. Man or no man haha! Then my mum got engaged and that was all very exciting but her wedding is being held off temporarily until she and her fiance can find the funds. In June 2012 when i was having a few drinks on the beach with my girls for the Queens diamond Jubilee concert i first met my man (causing mayhem on the beach, of course). After playing hard to get for a month we got together and i've never been happier! So that's about 10 months now! We're in a serious relationship and have talking about things such as marriage and he says we're unofficially engaged until he can find the perfect ring which he tells me he will get before this year is out (exciting!!). We're not rushing with a big wedding or anything though, we've said we will take every day as it comes and may wait a long time going from officially engaged to married... who knows! 

I m Back Sort of photo 1

That's about enough for now, hope to speak to you all soon! xx