Jul 19, 2013

I am loving life, especially since marrying Chris. I'm Mom to 6 year old twins boys that keep me busy and laughing every day. My life is full of fun, laughter, love and crafting!
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In our OOT bags we included this MadLib.  Some of the responses were absolutely hilarious!!

I am looking for a multi-frame so that we can display them






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In July 2007 Chris and I decided to celebrate our 1st 'date' anniversary with a vacation to Canada. We spent the first week visiting his friend in Toronto and then flew to Edmonton to spend a couple of weeks with my sister and her family (they had moved from England the previous summer).

 CN Tower     Niagara Falls

While we were with his friends he got a lot of stick from them about how they thought I was 'the one' and that he needed to step his game up and propose - one of them picked me up and carried me into a jewellers and told Chris that as I was already in there we may as well buy a ring!  We laughed it off (marriage was never something we had agreed wasn't necessary, we were happy as we were).

The time came for us to leave Toronto to head to my family.  We were checking in at the airport and Chris was told that his carry-on bag was too heavy - no big deal right? Well Chris got stressed...really stressed....something that NEVER happens. I just stood staring at him thinking 'I can't believe I'm taking him to spend time with my family when he's being such an ass!'.  Well, we got the flight and all was good for the next few days with my sister.

We all took a trip to Jasper. Chris had never been there and it is, without a doubt, my favourite place on the planet.  On the drive down I told him all about the family vacations we had there as kids, and all my fave places that I wanted him to see.  Day 1 was great, lots of sightseeing and a great meal with my sister and her family.  Day 2 we were heading out to my favourite spot - Maligne Lake - I was so excited to be going back there.  We woke up and from the first second I knew Chris was in a bad mood, he was very snappy with me and was just 'scrunchy'. I was MAD!!!!!  On the drive up to the lake I moaned to my sister about his crappy attitude and how he wasn't being himself on this trip (one of his greatest qualities is his laid back attitude, he rarely gets upset).  She reassured me that he was probably just tired and maybe a bit hung-over from the night before.

When we arrived at the lake my sister, BIL and nephews wanted to grab a snack so Chris asked if we could go for a walk alone.  I agreed even though the last thing I wanted to be doing was spending 'alone time' with him!  We walked for a couple of minutes before stopping at a beautiful spot to enjoy the view.  I decided to get everything off my chest about how he'd been behaving but before I could say anything he kissed me.  I turned away to compose myself for the difficult conversation and he put his arms around me.  He started talking about how much he loved me, and how sorry he was that he'd been grumpy that day. He then said it was because he was nervous and didn't know what was going to happen.....yep, confused much??  He asked me to turn around and look at him and when I did he was holding a ring !!!  Lots of lovely romantic words later and we were engaged!

 On top of Whistler Mountain (with Jasper town in the background)

 The proposal spot (this is also where we had the speeches on our wedding day)

 Our first photo as an engaged couple!!

We went back to find my family and celebrated with a bowl of chilli before calling all our family in England to tell them the news (no Facebook for us back then!!)



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Our Parents My stepdad & Mom, Me & Chris, Chris' mum & Dad and my Dad & Stepmum

My gorgeous bestie, Alex. My photographer, MUA, dressing assistant, drinking buddy and general bride-calmer-downer!

My brother, new SIL (they were married the weekend after us) and my yummy nephew Reef

My very emotional hubby - this is the only one he would let me share because the others are all very ugly-cry-face!! I'm not as heartless as this photo makes out, I was laughing because he made a comment about me always being so organised

Our vows - poor Stephon couldn't have been less interested once I had walked in !!


All of our guests - the one I have framed is cropped, but I don't have it on my laptop

Gorgeous Alex making her speech - she wrote a poem that reduced everyone to tears. I decided to share the photo of her crying instead of me!! (please forgive the attractive plastic bag - because its a National Park we weren't actually allowed to consume alcohol on the public area, so we had to be ready to run if a ranger came by!)



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My gorgeous & wonderful sister arranged a lovely girlie day for us with our Mom and my two closest friends from England.

We had our nails done with some bubbly and then went out for lunch and a few cocktails.  In the evening she had arranged for us to visit a friend on her acreage for dinner.  As I walked in the house I was suddenly surrounded by all my lovely friends - a complete surprise!!

After a couple of glasses of wine it was time for toilet roll wedding dresses - I'm not sure why I ended up looking like Bugs Bunny!! It was slightly unfair however because the team that was dressing my friend Anna (on the left) had a professional seamstress, which is why she looks amazing and I look like an idiot!

After the humiliation of the dresses, they decided it was time to just humiliate me!!  The ladies asked me questions about Chris and if I got the answer wrong I had to put a huge piece of bubble gum in my mouth - of course pretty much every answer I gave was "wrong" so I - once again - ended up looking like a complete idiot!!































After lots of hilarious stories it was pressie time. If anyone doesn't know, Chris and I moved into a brand new house last year so our back yard is currently mud instead of grass. These lovely ladies (and their husbands of course) put together a gorgeous gift with everything I need to get my yard finished - including a watering can full of 'seed money' to get the grass done!! They are such amazing friends.





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Our ceremony site

Photos more to follow asap photo 1

My gorgeous boys!

Photos more to follow asap photo 2

Such a beautiful place!

Photos more to follow asap photo 3

Our engagement site

Photos more to follow asap photo 4

My parents and siblings (with a photo of my brother that unfortunately couldn't make it over from England!)

Photos more to follow asap photo 5

Duck face time!

Photos more to follow asap photo 6

More duck faces!

Photos more to follow asap photo 7

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Before starting this Bio entry I have to say a HUGE thank you to the lovely Uhlease for helping me solve this part of my wedding. She went out of her way to find the dress for me and mail it to me here in Canada - I seriously can never thank her enough xxxxx

So after our ceremony, meal and sightseeing/photo trip we will be heading to a couple of bars in the town we are getting married in. My dress is not going to be comfortable, and I want to relax with our friends so I have bought a 2nd dress for the evening. What do you think??

(apologies for the angle - one of my boys took it for me!....and bigger apologies for my hair - it's being cut next week!)

Evening Dress photo 1