Jul 19, 2013

I am loving life, especially since marrying Chris. I'm Mom to 6 year old twins boys that keep me busy and laughing every day. My life is full of fun, laughter, love and crafting!
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A little while ago, I finally got around to sorting out my Alberta Drivers Licence, 2 weeks later FI came home with this for me!!!

I am one lucky lady !

Sometimes FI really is the best ever photo 1

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Thank you all for being so fantastic.  When I'm bored, you're there.  When I'm lonely, you're there.  When I'm stressed, there you all are again!!

I am getting so many fantastic ideas for my big day from you all and every day I laugh because of at least one of you.  Although you are all across the globe, I feel like I am chatting with friends (something I am currently very short of due to our recent move!)

Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxxxx

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These are the beautiful angel Jimmy Choo shoes that I have been hiding away for over 5 years!  Before babies I was a HUGE shoe obsessive, these are my pride and joy of the collection.

They have never been worn outside of the house - although I have been known to put them on just to cheer up a bit of housework now and again!!

As our color scheme (for today anyway!) is chocolate & lime I'm thinking it might be time that these ladies got their moment of glory!

Choo Choo Wedding Shoe photo 1

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This might be her!  I don't want to go for a classic wedding dress, i did that at my first wedding and it really wasn't 'me'.  This time I want something that suits my style....and that I don't have to drag through the trees in Jasper!!

I think I ve found her photo 1

Its actually a beach wedding dress, but I think it will work - and as an added bonus she's only $200 in a sale!!

Totally forgot - she's from IslandImporters.....

EDIT - unfortunately the maker cannot change the back of the dress to make the corset join together, so this is now a big old NOOOOOOOO :(

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So we have decided to get married in Jasper, I love the mountains! We were originally thinking next to a lake with a sit-down meal reception at the nearby hotel. It turns out that neither of us wants something that formal, but didn't want to ruin the others plans!! Now we are still going for the lake side ceremony, but will either be having an afternoon BBQ and then a few drinks in the bars around the town or an early evening meal at one of our favourite restaurants, we are just waiting for prices on each.

So this is the backdrop for where we're thinking of having the ceremony - Pyramd Lake, Jasper National Park.

Most of our guests are coming from the UK so our STD will be via email, a little 'history of us' to some of our fave tunes. We are trying to keep the guest list small, ideally we would just have us & our 2 boys but I don't think our families would ever forgive us!! Colors - I'm thinking of tangerine & brown, but then orange & grey is lovely too. It was originally going to be fushia & tangerine....too many choices already! I am making out invitations and will do as much DIY as I can, I love crafting and have almost 2yrs to get it all done so I definitely have enough time. I have found a gorgeous dress online, but am so scared to order it as I can't return if I don't like it! More choices!!!

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I grew up in Alberta, Canada and moved to England when I was 9. After a few teen relationships I met my husband. He was 8yrs older than me, had his own home blah blah....very appealing for an 18yr old girl still living at home! We got married when I was 21, unfortunately everything changed from the minute the ring was on my finger and I was expected to be the little housewife and produce a herd of children immediately. I know this is something that should have been discussed before the big day, but I was young and innocent! We divorced when I was 22. I decided that relationships weren't for me, bought my first home on my own and focused on my career and my girlfriends....what an amazing and fun few years that was!! I made a couple of great friends at work, one of whom was Chris. He had a lovely girlfriend, although she was very shy compared to his confident personality. We hung out in agroup at sport events and local bars and I gave him advice when his relationship ended. I even set him up with his next girlfriend! When that ended he decided to try the single life for a while (which I fully supported because I was having a great single life!). He moved into a new apartment with a couple of his buddies and I went to see them and help them decorate and thats when things changed. I don't know what happened that weekend, but I went back to my place thinking of him in a whole new light. He had agreed to cook me dinner as a thank you for decorating, and when I got to his place his friends weren't there....strange. We had a few evenings like this and each time we said goodbye it got more tempting to kiss him. After about a month I gave in (after a night out and a few beers for courage!) and kissed him goodnight - it was amazing. That was the day my life changed forever. I fell in love with my best friend. We took it slow as we were worried about destroying our friendship, but after 4 months it was his birthday so I surprised him with a trip to Rome. That's when I knew we had made the right choice to take a leap of faith. In January we had a long day of drinking with a big group of friends at a soccer game and on the way home he announced that he was going to have babies with me! I was a bit tipsy so agreed thinking he would forget about it in the morning....he didn't!! He reminded me of the conversation and told me he meant every word. The following July we came to Canada to see my sister and her family (who had moved there the previous summer). We spent a long weekend in Jasper and when we were at Maligne Lake he proposed...amazing.

We decided when we got home that we would have one last selfish holiday before trying to get pregnant so booked 2 weeks at Disneyworld!! We had so much fun and laughed so much everyday. We were so excited about going home and starting 'operation baby'. I was very ill when we got home and blamed it on a bug I'd caught on the plane....nope, I was pregnant!! Our beautiful twin boys were born in July 2008.

In May of this year we immigrated to where I grew up in Canada and now we are here we can't wait to get married! He is an amazing man, a wonderful father and the best friend I could ever ask for.