Jun 02, 2012

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On Wends My DHs family started showing up from Maryland and Pa, first his brother and his wife then Thursday his other brother his wife & their daughter, granddaughter and grandson. We all hung out Thursday Kenny got DrUnK! It was so funny too because we dont drink hardly ever so to see him so sloshed it was really funny!!

Friday we were still hanging out relaxing and all of the kids were playing Kenny got out his motorcycle and we all took turns riding it around. We just had a great day!!

Saturday morning! WEDDING DAY!! Black clouds are everywhere! Our wedding was outside and it rained all morning, but its ok it stopped about 11am. About 7am Kenny and I got up and out of bed I wouldnt let the kids go outside cause I didnt want them to get all dirty and gross so they stayed inside with the family as Kenny and I decorated the yard under the tent and everything! My Bff Kim showed up 45 mins LATE! But it was all good she started helping too and by 11am everything was done! MIL SIL & BILs were cooking all the food getting it ready for later in the afternoon.. I took a shower and went to leave the house at 1230pm to go meet my mom and sister at the salon to get our hair done.. Right as I left Kenny started blowing up my phone yelling at me because everything was blowing off the tables the streamers were getting tangled in the trees and the chamagne flutes were flying away because of the wind! But Bff was here to make sure everything was taken care of so I have no clue why he was yelling at me I guess he was just freaking out!!


We were on time but it felt like we were running late we got done at the hair salon around 3pm or so and went staight to my moms house to get everyone dressed and ready to go! My mom left to go get my Gma and bring her back to the house and my sister drove me in her car to our house, her friend drove behind us in my car and my mom drove my gma in her car. We had to go SO SLOW for my gma so they didnt get lost, it took us what seemed like forever to get home! When we did get here I ran into our house so Kenny wouldnt see me and my mom was upset because I told my brother to usher her to her seat and he didnt!! So my mom and gma were just standing around but I couldnt do anything about it cause no one was listening to me!!

After the officiant showed up to talk to us Kenny felt a lot better after that!

Around 6pm or so the music started playing and everyone was waiting so I pushed the BMs out the door and told them to walk!! I had my brother on my arm and the girls were about down the aisle and we stared to walk....

As the emotions started building up I turned the corner and saw DH standing there CRYING!! OMG So unexpected because he said I wont cry!! And sure enough thats what he was doing!! We had the ceremony and and when it was time for the section that we honor the kids as members of our wedding the officiant called all 4 of our kids up and when she started reading I looked over at the kids to smile and they were crying! Ok so then Im crying then EVERYONE is crying EVERYONE!! All of our guests were crying!!

So the reception the band took me by surprise they were pretty awesome we were dancing all night long DHs brother bought like umpteen amounts of alcohol and everyone was drunk!! hahaha It was pretty awesome!

The photogs were so awesome and everything was perfect!!

 Sister love! Me & my big sister!The back of my hair! The stylist did an AMAZING job!The flower I made for my hair! I LOVE how everything turned out!!My beautiful daughter!! &&FG She loved all of the attention she was getting LOL The back of her hair which turned out better than the picture I showed the stylist!Putting the finishing touches on my baby girl!HAHAHA I didnt know getting ready would be such a pinful experience! JK IDK why I look crazy!My FAB 2 yr old son Levi!DH & his wonderful mom who cooked ALL of the food for our wedding!

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For our big day I have been searching for hairstyles that I want to do Ive decided on an up-do and here is my inspiration

Hair pics photo 1 This is where I want my hair flower placed! I want the back to look just like this!And the sides to look like this! I want a little out of each picture! I found these images on google so if they are yours I fully give you credit just let me know!!

And here is what my sister wants her hair to look like..

Hair pics photo 2Kim my BM will have her hair like Mrs.Carrie Underwood here lol I love how elegant this style is and will be very simple to do!

This is what I want  my 14 yr old JM niece to have her hair done like! I think she will ROCK this!!

My 2 flower girls hair is going to be the same I want it pulled up out of their face around their heads and tight curls cascading all the way down their heads something like this..


I also made these flowers for their hair they all match with mine being white and my sisters being the biggest out of the bridesmaids..

Hair pics photo 1This one is mine (of course lol) An I made these for the ladies!!

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So Im having a desert table cause like me not everyone likes cake! Here are a few idea's im having!

And Im thinking of making a little rossett cake for Kenny and I to cut!

Dessert Dessert more Dessert photo 1

Dessert Dessert more Dessert photo 2

Flavor options:

Lemon w/vanilla buttercream :)

Brownie w/chocolate frosting

Buttercake w/cream cheese icing & freash strawberrys!


Dessert Dessert more Dessert photo 3COOKIES!! :D

Dessert Dessert more Dessert photo 4Fruit!!

Dessert Dessert more Dessert photo 5Anybody want some PIE!! lol

Dessert Dessert more Dessert photo 6*drool* lol blueberry muffins!! yea!!!


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Ok let's meet the ladies!!

My MOH my sister and best friend Heather! I asked her to be my MOH because no matter what I know she will always be here for me!


My second MOH Kim! I love this chick! She is my FI best friends girl and we do almost everything together!

Meet the bridal party photo 2


My Niece Kaely omg she is deffinatly a handful If I do say so myself! I pretty much raised her since she was 2 years old and she is more my little sister than my niece! I love my Kaely bug!

Meet the bridal party photo 3


My flower girls! My beautiful daughter Paige !! She is such a DIVA!

Meet the bridal party photo 4Stole this awesome picture off my nieces page!

My niece Mia! Idk what to say about her she is deffinatly different lol!

Meet the bridal party photo 5

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I have to give props to my sister I dont know what I would do without her she is deffinatly my other half!!

My Family photo 1My Family photo 2My Family photo 3

Some of my kids and I on vacation with my sister and her kids!

My Family photo 4Me and my son Noah!

My Family photo 5My oldest son and I Mr.Evan!!

My Family photo 6My pookie bear aka bunny baby! Paige!!

My Family photo 7Cant forget Master Levi!!

I love my family and couldnt have imagined my life any other way! The truly are my world!! I love you babys!! Forever and always!!

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Ok now for the guys! They will be in very simple attire with black slacks and black shirts with dark purple ties!

Now the FI will be in straight black attire! Like this one below..

The Guy s photo 1Not to shabby if I do say so myself! He look's amazing in his suit!!

I am having an issue with some of our guys because they are being stubborn and they dont want to wear "purple" They are being cry babys lol!

So without further adu!!

The attire!!


The Guy s photo 2The Guy s photo 3

So these are what I want them to wear and these ties can be found at they are about 25 bucks a pop though! I really hope the guys dont pitch to many more fits though cause I will tell them to stay home lol!!