Aug 12, 2011

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Gem of the Northwest

(On August 12th, I had the pleasure of having my daughter’s wedding reception at Café la Cave. I cannot extend any greater recommendations to the positive and profound experience I encountered and of my fortunate selection of this exceptional banquet facility. My wife and I could not be more delighted in every aspect of our daughter’s special day.)

The art of serving a customer has never been more prevalent than at Café la Cave in Des Plaines, Illinois.

So often, we, as customers or guests, are attended in some type of rotational manner amongst a number of tables assigned to a wait staff. The wines usually arrive within a timely manner, the dinner is served, the coffee is poured, and one leaves with no distinction between one dinner venue to another. For a wedding venue to be distinct, the banquet hall has to be extraordinary. This distinction is found at Café la Cave. Without a doubt, Café la Cave is that extraordinary.

Customer Service
From the moment you walk in the door, you are welcomed as if you are an important VIP to enter that night. You are cordially escorted to your dining area, the chair is pulled out for you, and an introduction to whom is your maître d’ as well as your wait staff and sommelier are accomplished. (Usually, I have to ask for names.)
Your coffee cup never runneth empty, and your wine glass is never unattended. If you leave your seating during your meal, a warming cover is amply placed to preserve your dinner at the intended temperature. The staff that serves you could not be more responsive and caring to your dinner enjoyment. The staff is seasoned and has waited on the likes of celebrities to politicians who know of this hidden jewel. Never do you feel rushed or as if you are waiting. The service is exquisite.

Dining Experience
Aperitifs and drinks are readily available while an array of delectable Hors d’oeuvres are served expeditiously throughout the reception. The sampling of flavorful delights succumbs only to the anticipation of your main entrée which is not only artistic in its presentation but bountiful in flavor as you acquiesce to the subtle spices and light sauces that define each and every bite. Prior to your entree’s arrival, no ordinary salad will do. Café la Cave offers special pasta dishes that establish a new sensation in the revelations of fine dining as well as a cucumber wrapped balsamic salad that is light and flavorful. You are left intrigued with the heavenly feast which awaits as your main course is soon to arrive.

No matter what the entrée may be, I have only known it to be as close to perfection as one can imagine. Adorned with complimenting light sauces, each of two succulent breasts of chicken titillates your senses to the degree that would make any restaurateur beg for the recipe. The filet mignon and steaks make you forget about any of the best steak houses. The Atlantic salmon and the Chilean sea bass are unquestionably fan favorites as you surrender to the salacious pleasures of your dining experience.

As for the consistent slew of drinkers in your party, the bar doesn’t close while dinner is served. The libations and signature drinks pour freely. The bar remains open the entire night through. Your guests will not need to have rows of drinks set at the table in military formation. At ease soldier. Everyone can relax.

Customer Satisfaction
When preparing for a wedding, Randy Sutter, the in-house wedding planner and co-owner of Café la Cave, exudes confidence in helping you design and develop the wedding of your dreams. The uncertainty of choosing well or poorly is diminished, and the stress level is immediately eliminated. You are in Randy’s reliable hands. He has the “Elite List” for choosing your photographer, florist, band, deejay, linens, chairs, and even wedding entertainment. Not pushy or pretentious, Randy simply gives valued advice that could not be trusted to just anybody. The smooth transition from a wedding’s beginning to its end could not be more important. Randy takes care of all the obvious and not so obvious details from pin-spot table lighting to the coordination of your contracted vendors. The timing of every nuance that is envisioned throughout your ceremonious event is crucial, and it takes an established wedding planner to make everything go as planned. To pull off the perfect wedding, it takes a talented wedding planner. It takes Randy Sutter of Café la Cave.

If you want a no-worries reception for your “once-in-a-lifetime wedding” and one that your guests will remember and talk about more than any other wedding in which they attended, Café la Cave is the number one choice that will leave you with no regrets. It truly is… the gem of the northwest.
- Scott Gallus
Park Ridge, IL

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