Nov 10, 2012

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The hiatus is now over.  Two jobs and graduate school I justified taking a week off from wedding planning that turned into three months.  I decided to take the summer off from school and each and every waking moment is devoted in making this event what WE (did you know men have opinions about there day) want it to be.  I am on a limited budget but I am making payments from both of our pay periods as if it is an additional bill (and in today's economy there is always an additional bill).


Tinieka's Good Things:

1.What I have created that has been helpful is a Excel spreadsheet project plan.  It has subject, task, starttime,finish time and deadline.  This has been my life saver plus when I finish something I feelaccomplished(take that ole mother of mine).

2.Storage containers.  The little things are in storage containers toasting glasses, knife cutters, candy dishitems I am checking them off and putting them in places.

3. Delegating-Sisters dress shopping, mom and her best friend centerpieces and table decorating, auntcollecting family addresses, daughter picking up liquor (in another storage bin it goes).  There are justcertain things that cannot go wrong and this stage. Due to my last good thing.

4.  Final learn to say know.  There are hundreds of ideas out there and until planning my own weddings mustbe a billion dollar business. I have said no to an additional dress, bigger venue, and my dream photobooth.  I want my wedding to be one beutiful day not two years of debt.