Jul 11, 2009

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 our furbaby photo 1

Our family is growing!   Now that we are married, we adopted a furbaby from the humane society.  Her name is Luna an she is a terrier/chihuahua mix... we love her little cute self to pieces.

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Our wedding was all that we dreamed and more.  We will remember friends, family, and--most of all-- the love between us that was shared on our special day. All photos were captured by Bak Photography.  If you use any of my images, please be sure to credit both me and my photographer.  Thank you!

Our Wedding Highlight Video: http://vimeo.com/5807626

  pro pictures photo 1


pro pictures photo 2


Wedding day preparations...

 pro pictures photo 3 pro pictures photo 4

 pro pictures photo 5 pro pictures photo 6 


  pro pictures photo 7

pro pictures photo 8

pro pictures photo 9 pro pictures photo 10

pro pictures photo 11 pro pictures photo 12

pro pictures photo 13 pro pictures photo 14

pro pictures photo 15  

pro pictures photo 16

Our Downtown reveal...

pro pictures photo 17

pro pictures photo 18 pro pictures photo 19 

pro pictures photo 20

pro pictures photo 21

pro pictures photo 22

  pro pictures photo 23  pro pictures photo 24

pro pictures photo 25

pro pictures photo 26

pro pictures photo 27  pro pictures photo 28

pro pictures photo 29

pro pictures photo 30 pro pictures photo 31

pro pictures photo 32

The ceremony...

pro pictures photo 33 pro pictures photo 34

pro pictures photo 35 pro pictures photo 36

pro pictures photo 37 pro pictures photo 38

pro pictures photo 39


pro pictures photo 40 pro pictures photo 41

pro pictures photo 42 pro pictures photo 43

pro pictures photo 44

pro pictures photo 45 pro pictures photo 46

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pro pictures photo 49

pro pictures photo 50

pro pictures photo 51 pro pictures photo 52

pro pictures photo 53

pro pictures photo 54

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We're finally MARRIED!  And it feels so good :) :)  Our day was perfect.  Below are some pictures and a list of few things we did that made all the difference in the world.

Our Wedding Highlight Video: http://vimeo.com/5807626

by Two Penny Productions

Memories Slideshow: http://vimeo.com/5157778

non pro pictures 3 photo 1


  non pro pictures 3 photo 2 non pro pictures 3 photo 3

non pro pictures 3 photo 4 non pro pictures 3 photo 5 

non pro pictures 3 photo 6 non pro pictures 3 photo 7 non pro pictures 3 photo 8

non pro pictures 3 photo 9 non pro pictures 3 photo 10

non pro pictures 3 photo 11 non pro pictures 3 photo 12

non pro pictures 3 photo 13  non pro pictures 3 photo 14

non pro pictures 3 photo 15 non pro pictures 3 photo 16 non pro pictures 3 photo 17

non pro pictures 3 photo 18 non pro pictures 3 photo 19

      non pro pictures 3 photo 20 non pro pictures 3 photo 21


More of the floral details....

non pro pictures 3 photo 22 non pro pictures 3 photo 23

non pro pictures 3 photo 24

  • Do a pre-ceremony reveal.  If you are considering doing this, please do.  We got so many pictures of just FI and I (along with the bridal party)-- these are to come!  It was fun, relaxing, and a really special moment when we first saw each other.  No one was there, other than our photog and videographer, and it is a moment I will remember for the rest of my life.
  • Book a videographer.  Every bride says it.  Your day is and WILL BE a whirlwind, no ifs, ands, or buts!  I'm already starting to forget details, and having someone to document the moments of your day, the speeches, the smiles, the tears is so worth it.  I can't wait to see our video and relive our day. :)
  • Book a great coordinator.  We paid extra to our venue to have a DOC, and it was 110% worth it.  It was a windy day outside and the tent coming up and going to blow away!  We had to reinforce it.  The DOC took care of everything and set up our entire venue.  Including all my DIYs.  It was flawless.
  • EAT, EAT, EAT.  I wasn't hungry at all on our wedding day but I forced myself to eat.  It was the best decision I made all day.
  • Laugh.  A lot.  Do not let anything stress you out... I had a very difficult time family drama before the wedding, but I didn't let anything affect my day.  Every tear I cried was tears of joy.  What to know what?  Our e-pics were in the wrong place, we had very expensive flower arrangements that weren't visible, someone forgot to put out the flip flop baskets and it didn't happen 'till 1/2 way though the night... and you guessed it.  It didn't matter.  I didn't care one bit, let someone else think about the details, and I still have guests telling me how beautiful, meaningful, and creative our wedding was.  Don't sweat the small stuff.
  • Don't go on PW the days before your wedding.  I know that sounds silly, but I'm serious.  You been supported by the ladies here, you got your ideas, you executed them, and now you should be enjoying your FI, your family, and the days leading up to the biggest day of YOUR life.  Do the sign off post, and then take a breather... I promise.  It's worth it.  (Then come back AFTER the fact and post those pics!!!)

I hope I've helped at least one bride out there.  Happy planning, ladies!


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I was so grateful to my family friends who threw this shower for me.  The theme was "Spain"... the hostesses researched traditional Spanish food.  We had ensalada griega, olivas, tortilla de patata, y chorizo.... everything I love about Spain.  It was a beautiful day.

showers photo 1 showers photo 2

                  Mother and Grandmother                                   Bridesmaids!

showers photo 3

showers photo 4

       Spanish food!

showers photo 5  showers photo 6

                                                      Opening presents!


This shower was hosted by FI's aunts and it was beautiful!  It was a whirl-wind trip, but so worth it :)

   showers photo 7  showers photo 8

                Me               FMIL             Mom                                           The booty!

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They will be sooo beautiful! :)  I love the dresses they have chosen:

My mom will wear the beautiful dress on the left (if she doesn't return this one, lol!).  My FMIL will wear the green dress on the right.  She looks drop dead georgeous in it!

moms photo 1  moms photo 2