Apr 27, 2013

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One of my dads friends is doing our wedding photography as a gift to us so we did not get a engagement photoshoot package, however my dad took this wonderful photo of us with our dog Sophie in the grounds where we are getting married when we vistited this spring. I think you will agree this is a great engagement shot.


Engagement Photo shoot photo 1

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I knew what colour had to be in my wedding and that was Pink but everyone who knows me is expecting my wedding to be pink so I wanted to suprise them but I didnt want to loose my identity in the process so I started looking at colour schemes.  I love how Pink and lavender look together and think they are the perfect colours for a spring wedding..

I spent hours looking at other peoples designs of invitations and couldnt find anything that fitted my dream or our budget!

I have always been fairly creative so decided to try and make my own.  I found a set for making programs in a discount bookshop which I loved the look of and thought this would be the perfect base for our wedding invitations.


I am very happy with how they have turned out.


My DIY wedding invitations photo 1My DIY wedding invitations photo 2

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The lovely gardens and outside of hotel

This is my dream venue. Its a small hotel on the waters edge of Lake Coniston in Cumbria UK.  Its a victorian house and I love it.

My Dream Venue photo 1

This is the bar area complete with grand piano overlooking the gardens. Perfect for a champagne toast


My Dream Venue photo 2


It has its own private jetty which will be perfect for photos