Aug 04, 2012

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Take a look at some of the details.......


This is one of the DIY projects that I created for my Tiffany & Co. themed wedding.  I created the Jones & Co. boxed centerpiece, blinged out the vases and made my own escort cards.  Yes!! I was a bride on a budget and I am not afraid to say it! lol


The day has finally come photo 1

My invitations were another DIY project of mine

 The day has finally come photo 2




 Yasmin Saline (photographer) caught me in heavy thought.

Me and the GIrls

My hubby and his fellas (They drunk too much BEFORE the wedding!!!!)

The little men



DIY Ceremony ProgramsMy mommy and daughter

Eldest daughter and cousin

Sand ceremonyThe KISS

Jumping the Broom



Precious moment

 Our Mommy's

The fellas and me


DIY table numbers

The hotel made the cake, so it was included in my package. I jazzed it up by upholstering a slab of wood with blinged out mesh as my cake stand,  blinged monogram topper and a blinged brooch on the white ribbon, for this economic Tiffany themed cake.

During reception setup (check out my circled DIY table menus)

Giving my baby some dap.

 My brothers from another mother

Dont you dare!!I got him!!Time to PARTY!!



Time to start Phase 1 of the Honeymoon











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I bought an invitation kit from Target on sale and upgraded it with rhinestone buckles and ribbon to create a Tiffany & Co. themed invitation.

 My DIY Tiffany Co invitations photo 1

This is the invitation inside the box mailer. The top of the box mailer is to the right.

Once you open the pocketfold, this is what my guest will see:

My DIY Tiffany Co invitations photo 2 (I have blocked out the reception location)

P.S. All the tiffany blue colors match in real life but the photos make them look different colors.

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The fellas photo 1 

The fellas will be wearing this Calvin Klein tux in grey.  The groom will be wearing a white vest and tie, to separate him from the rest.  The bestman and groomsmen will be wearing "mermaid" colored vest and tie.  The ring barriers who are 3 years old will even have this tux on.  They will be wearing bowtie's instead of euro ties.  My son who is 5 years old will be walking me down the aisle, he will be wearing this tux as well, with silver bow tie and vest. 

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Wedding Cake photo 1Wedding Cake photo 2

The first picture was my 2nd choice for my wedding cake.  Since the very beginning of planning, I wanted to have the cake in the 2nd picture.  I wanted it to be all white, crystal cake banding and crystal monogram just like in the picture. Since my Tiff blue theme also incorporates bling, I thought it was a perfect cake.  However, my Groomzilla didnt want the cake to be all white.  He wanted it to be Tiffany blue.  I didnt think the cake in the 2nd pic would look good in Tiffany, my search began, still trying to maintain the elegance of the wedding cake, without it looking like a bridal shower cake.  That is when I found picture#1.  This cake will be in Tiffany Blue but the ribbon will be white and I still get my bling. I will also still be using the crystal cake topper for the top of this cake. See, my FI and I are already compromising.

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Bridal shoes inspiration photo 1

I plan on getting some inexpensive dyeable shoes from DB, getting them dyed "mermaid" and then blinging the shoes out myself and adding ribbon as well to achieve this look.  I REFUSE to pay top dollar for designer shoes that I am probably going to take off in about 30 minutes anyway!


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Jordan Fashions (all dresses will be in color:Aqua, their version of Tiffany Blue) 

Bridesmaid dress photo 1Bridesmaid dress photo 2

Bridesmaid dress photo 3

I am having a small wedding.  Both of my besties will stand next to me and my teenage daughter will be my junior bridesmaid.  Each of them will wear one of the dresses above.  They have already been purchased, just awaiting their arrival.  Surprisingly, it wasnt that hard to find dresses in Tiffany Blue as I thought it would be.  I was disturbed to know, after the girls had already purchased their dresses, that David's Bridals has a color close to Tiffany Blue called "Mermaid".  I didnt find that out until I began coordinating the men's vests and tie at Men's Warehouse.  Awww well, hopefully since Jordan's is pricier than DB, the dresses will fit superb!  We will see.