Sep 10, 2011

TinaMolina Events
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A while back, I asked you, my fellow weddingbees for advise for a wedding coordinator. I received rave reviews about Christina Molina of Tina Molina Wedding Coordinator. After this past Saturday, I must admit, I regret ever signing a contract with her.

Worst mistake of my life. She never wanted to meet with me unless it was convenient for her, which was in her area of the valley ( I live in Long Beach). It was only after my mother spoke with her that she agreed to meet me closer to my home, after I am paying her.

I provided her with all of the vendor contact information and for some reason, they (the vendors) were still contacting me. I had to let her know they were still asking me question. What is she getting paid for.

The day of our wedding it rained. I would have thought it would have prompted her to contact all the vendors, including the caterer to follow up with any changes. NOPE! She accepted no blame for not contacting any of the vendors. Many of guest informed me that they noticed, the DJ and the Coordinator were not working together at all.

She never instructed my flower girls to toss their rose petals causing one of the flower girls to cry as she really wanted to toss her petals. In addition, I had to make the decision to cut the cake, as she nothing as my guest count became fewer and fewer. My fiance made mention she was sitting and texting throughout the reception, maybe thats why she did not notice anything.

The list could go on and on and at the end of the day, she would never accept blame for what did not do. HOwever, she was willing to blame me and everyone else for the mishaps. I would never advise anyone to use her.
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