Mar 31, 2012

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The Inn at Colonnade

We chose this venue because we went to an event and acutally LOVED the service and the decor!

 The Venue photo 1  The outside


The Venue photo 2 The lobby



The Venue photo 3

Cant wait to decorate!!!!!!

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My Ring!

Its All in the ENGAGEMENT photo 1

Baby knew that I didnt want the typical engagement ring so he got me this beautiful chocolate levian diamond!  The HERO ring because he is definately my HERO!

The Proposal

Last day of a snow storm, Corey decides to have friends over and surprised me with a proposal on his knees.  Oh I so love him!!!

Wedding   Wedding   Wedding  Wedding

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The love of my life and I decided on a small intimate ceremony since we've both been married before.  We invited 50 of our closest friends and family to witness this wonderful occassion.  For the wedding and reception I will wear all white. 

The model in my dress!                                                           Me in my dress!

Me Model She aint photo 3271156-2                               

My jewlery


So two hours after the reception we are having a Black and White formal for 150 people.  Here I will wear my wedding dress still but accent it with black.  So far I have my beautiful Vera Wang bow.  I swear it was calling me ...


So beautiful!  I cant wait to wear it .... 71 more days!

 Bridesmaid (soon to be daughters) dress

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What a great feeling to marry my best friend and soul mate!  Love is such a beautiful thing and its even more beautiful when you find that one person who reminds you each and every day that they are loving you more and more!


Such a cheesy story, but Corey and I met at a local sports bar during happy hour.  We had mutual friends and ended up having a conversation that really intrigued me.  I was interested, but at the time I was coming out of a four year relationship.  Long story short ... we became really close friends and decided about 6 months later to pursue a relationship.  Been best friends and lovers since .... now hes my fiance and in 25 days he will be my husband.  How AWESOME IS THAT!