Jul 22, 2012

I am married to my high school sweetheart. He means the world to me along with my fur-babies.
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Mr. & Mrs. Donald Busselman!


Yay, We've made it to the list! Yup, I'm posting this in my bio!
I mean WHY NOT post it?!  ;) Ahhhh!!!

Wooop whoop Im on the list photo 1

- Wedding Vendors -

Venue: The Phoenix Special Events Facility

Photographer: Diane Mueller Photography

Videographer: Tom Nicholson

Caterer: Mikeska's BBQ

Hair: Tracy Rodriguez

Make-Up: Karlie Schindler

Fruit Appetizers: Live Food Creations - Ryan Kulhanek

Cakes: Francine Gillett

Invitations: Amy Leigh -

Photobooth: The Booth Fairy

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Ahhhh, I am super excited and greatly honored to wear this pretty pink heart!! I was asked to join the Project Wedding Hostess family on April 6, 2012! - If you have any questions please feel free to ask!! :)

PINK is my new favorite color photo 1

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March 28, 2012 <3 DJ & I had our engagement pictures taken by Diane Mueller. She is uhhh-mazing at what she does! I can not wait to see how our wedding photos come out! I am excited!

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 1

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 2

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 3

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 4

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 5 

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 6 Engagement Pictures 3 photo 7Engagement Pictures 3 photo 8 Engagement Pictures 3 photo 9

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 10

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 11

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 12

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 13

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 14

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 15

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 16 Engagement Pictures 3 photo 17Engagement Pictures 3 photo 18 Engagement Pictures 3 photo 19

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 20 Engagement Pictures 3 photo 21

Engagement Pictures 3 photo 22


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Diamonds are really a girls best friend photo 1

This is my shining beauty. DJ did a great job picking out this ring. With the help of his sister of course, but he said that he picked it out and she approved! :)

SO happy! I loooooove my ring!

Diamonds are really a girls best friend photo 3

Diamonds are really a girls best friend photo 2 

Diamonds are really a girls best friend photo 4


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MY BEAUTY photo 1

October 22, 2011 -- I got my wedding dress! I tried on 15 dresses and I ended up getting the very first dress that I tried on. I fell madly in love with it and it was screaming my name! LITERALLY! :D I finally caved and decided to post a pitcure of my dress to let all you lovely ladies to see! :)

Here she is! ahhhhh! soooo excited and can't wait to go for my first fitting! :) Hurry up april 6th!!

Wedding dress!

MY BEAUTY photo 2 MY BEAUTY photo 3

These are my wedding shoes. I decided to go with wedges because we will be getting married in the grass and I don't want to embarrass myself and fall. I just can't wait to try on my heels with MY dress! After the ceremony I will be putting on my purple/black converse! :)

Purple wedges!                         Converse!

MY BEAUTY photo 4MY BEAUTY photo 5

April 6, 2012 -- FIRST FITTING!! I look so much taller with my shoes on! Ahhh! Love my dress!!


This is what my dress with look like when she gets it all bustled up! And the next picture I took my shoes off! hahah!



My hairpiece (I got my hairpiece from Special Occassions) &necklace: <3 - this isn't the same necklace but its very close to what mine actually looks like!

   Elegant bezel Swarovski Crystal Teardrop necklace in Sterling Silver - wedding bridal jewelry, birthday gift, gift for mom daughter

MY BEAUTY photo 6

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