Jun 26, 2010

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Another calm moment. I really felt unstoppable! I never felt so right as I did at this moment. I was ready to become Mrs. Noblela!

ON OUR WAY TO I DO photo 1   ON OUR WAY TO I DO photo 2

                                   ON OUR WAY TO I DO photo 3

ON OUR WAY TO I DO photo 4   ON OUR WAY TO I DO photo 5   ON OUR WAY TO I DO photo 6 

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 Getting Ready was AMAZING! I had this indescribable feeling of calmness and serenity. It was a feeling I never felt before. At that very moment, I knew this was my day and no one could or nothing could ruin it. My morning was filled with my nearest and dearest family and friends nibbling on morning brunch and sipping mimosas. My hair designers and make up artists arrived bright and early to get my girls of 8 all dolled up. 

Getting Ready photo 1   Getting Ready photo 2

Getting Ready photo 3   Getting Ready photo 4   Getting Ready photo 5

My Attire

Getting Ready photo 6   Getting Ready photo 7   Getting Ready photo 8

Getting Ready photo 9   Getting Ready photo 10

Getting Ready photo 11   Getting Ready photo 12

Look at me =) I'm a BRIDE!!

Getting Ready photo 13   Getting Ready photo 14

Getting Ready photo 15   Getting Ready photo 16    

Getting Ready photo 17   Getting Ready photo 18


Getting Ready photo 19   Getting Ready photo 20

Getting Ready photo 21   Getting Ready photo 22

Getting Ready photo 23   Getting Ready photo 24

Getting Ready photo 25   Getting Ready photo 26   Getting Ready photo 27

Getting Ready photo 28   Getting Ready photo 29


Getting Ready photo 30   Getting Ready photo 31   Getting Ready photo 32

Getting Ready photo 33   Getting Ready photo 34

Getting Ready photo 35   Getting Ready photo 36

Check out my girls working their dress. Just gorgeous!!


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During the course of my engagement, I decided to take on a professional music video (hehe) and took along my cousins for the ride. We performed to Wishing & Hoping. CHECK IT OUT!


My second video was filmed at our engagement party. I decided to do a surprise dance for him and once again, took a few of my cousins along for this ride as well


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Going off the same style of my wedding invitations, I decided to carry on the look with our table numbers. 

DIY Table s photo 1 DIY Table s photo 2

         DIY Table s photo 3                  DIY Table s photo 4

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If you see an image that is mine and you would like to use it, please give me credit along with a link directing back to my bio. If there is an image that belongs to you and has not been given the proper credit, please let me know so that I can get it rectified. =)

Thanks a bunch!

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OH-Em-GEEEEEE! You have no idea how happy I am with the outcome of our Save the Dates. I have been designing these STD's on and off back in July 09. So to see the final result, in REAL life, definitely makes the blood, sweat and tears all worth it!!

So without further ado, I give you our DO IT YOURSELF Save the Dates!!!

DIY Save The Dates photo 1 DIY Save The Dates photo 2

          DIY Save The Dates photo 3 DIY Save The Dates photo 4

DIY Save The Dates photo 5 DIY Save The Dates photo 6

                                    DIY Save The Dates photo 7


And I can't forget our SUPER STAR vendors that helped us make it all happen. Reviews will be made but figured they deserved a quick shout out on this post!! =)

Inspiration: Jessica previously known as An Atlanta Bride 

Graphic Designer: Our very own PW girl ALEX TEBOW. We worked very close together with this project. Thanks Alex for being so patient with me ;) I recommend her for all your graphic stationary needs. She's the best to work with!

Magnets: Keith from Magnets.com is the MAN! He was so helpful through this whole process!

Folded Cards: 175 Metallic "Gold Leaf" folded cards were purchased from Cards and pockets

Print and Cut: Kinkos did a fantastic job of printing and cutting every piece. Service could've been better but the quality was PERFECT! Definitely worth the $170. 

***If you like this DIY project and want to use it for your wedding, please give me credit and a direct a link back to this bio. Thanks a bunch!! =)