Jun 26, 2010

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I've been drooling over this set for the last couple months but can never find it in my heart to splurge $250 for both sets. (which includes engraving, tax and shipping) But by the grace of God, my parents came over and were still shocked to see these items on my wish list... so basically, to make a long story short, they pulled out my favorite card and CHARGED IT!! And of course, they reminded me that I only get married once! :)

So with that, I leave you with my GORGEOUS, REGAL, CLASSIC PARK AVENUE toasting flutes which was personally crafted to resemble the bodice of a dress, drenched in Austrian crystals against a vintage finish.

                                            Toasting Flutes photo 1

Toasting Flutes photo 2 Toasting Flutes photo 3


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Thanks AnnaB for selling it to Chaboogey and for Chaboogey reselling it to me. Lucky for me, they boh decided to go in different directions! So I am now the new proud owner of The Elle Bloom ring pillow made by 5eizen, a wonderful and talented designer from Etsy.

This Elle Bloom ring pillow was hand made using dupioni silk textures and an array of whites, creams and ivories. It was also featured on MARTHA STEWART!

Ring Bearer Pillow photo 1 Ring Bearer Pillow photo 2


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Ramon and I had our first tasting along with Ramon's mom and sister. When I walked through Blackhawk I honestly fell in love all over again. 

The tasting was fantastic and the service was absolutely phenominal. And to think, it was JUST a tasting. Love my venue!

Ramon and I are offering 4 dishes to choose from. Beef, chicken, seafood and a veggie plate. 

Here is our ROUND ONE tasting

Food Place Setting photo 1



GREEK SALAD: romaine lettuce, roma tomatoes, red onions, cucumbers, kalamata olives, feta cheese, fresh oregano vinaigrette (two different types of presentations were served

BREAST OF CHICKEN WELLINGTON: chicken breast wrapped in a puff pastry with mushrooms duxelles truffle sauce

Food Place Setting photo 2

ROAST PRIME RIB OF ANGUS served with natural juices and cream horseradish sauce

Food Place Setting photo 3


Food Place Setting photo 4



with the halibut: rice pilaf 

with chicken and beef: mashed potatoes


baby carrots and asparagus with all plates

*****And she told me that each plate will be served with an ORCHID!!!!*****




Food Place Setting photo 5 Food Place Setting photo 6



PLACE SETTINGS created by ME! =)

Food Place Setting photo 7 Food Place Setting photo 8

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       DIY Lighting photo 1                          DIY Lighting photo 2




Okay, seriously, this has got to be my easiest DIY project thus far. I am IN LOVE! If only you can see them in person.

All my 144 led tea lights came in the mail along with my white paper bags I ordered from Novelty.

These pictures just dint do it justice!! The actual true color is Amber. It has a flickering effect that gives it the "real life" feel.

DIY Lighting photo 3 <- Inspiration pic via Kohler

DIY Lighting photo 4 DIY Lighting photo 5



Always knew I wanted hanging votives but didn't have any trees to hang them from. So of course, in good ole Jaryce fashion, I FOUND A WAY! Outside on the balcony, there are about 5 rot-iron patio set with huge ivory umbrellas. I'll be hanging them from the inside sticks that support the umbrellas. 

I also knew I wanted something more than just your typical hanging votives. so I added a little somethin' something' to give it that extra umph. CRYSTALS!!

DIY Lighting photo 6 DIY Lighting photo 7

we'll also rotate every other votive with a cream half bloomed rose spray =)

                DIY Lighting photo 8          DIY Lighting photo 9


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It was a perfect night where 120 of our closest friends and families shared in the celebration of our engagement. We indulged in good food, good drinks, good company, GREAT toasts and waaay to much dancing. What more can one happy couple ask for :) Here are a few pics to recap this memorable night.

Oh yea, me and a couple of my bridesmaids surprised Ramon with a cute little dance expressing my goofy love for him. We danced to The Way I Am by Ingrid Michelson.

Engagement Party Pictures photo 1 Engagement Party Pictures photo 2 me & daddy

Engagement Party Pictures photo 3 <--w/ FFIL Engagement Party Pictures photo 4

Engagement Party Pictures photo 5 Engagement Party Pictures photo 6

Engagement Party Pictures photo 7 Engagement Party Pictures photo 8

Engagement Party Pictures photo 9 Engagement Party Pictures photo 10

Engagement Party Pictures photo 11 Engagement Party Pictures photo 12

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Ramon and I wanted to ask our "future" Godparents in a way that was most appropriate. We decided hand making rosaries were the only way to go. After hours of stringing the crystals and having them blessed, we then showcased each rosary in a pretty white box wrapped in a satin bow with a little name tag to top it off. 

DIY Will You Be Our Godparents Gifts photo 1 DIY Will You Be Our Godparents Gifts photo 2

DIY Will You Be Our Godparents Gifts photo 3 DIY Will You Be Our Godparents Gifts photo 4

DIY Will You Be Our Godparents Gifts photo 5 DIY Will You Be Our Godparents Gifts photo 6