Jun 26, 2010

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So, last minute... and I mean last minute (at 8pm the night before our engagement party) I decided to quickly make Reserved Signs and Plate Descriptions for our buffet.

DIY Buffet Reserved Signs photo 1 DIY Buffet Reserved Signs photo 2

DIY Buffet Reserved Signs photo 3 DIY Buffet Reserved Signs photo 4

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Ramon and I aren't really big on favor. So we thought long and hard and decided on music CD's. We figured, if the guests didn't like them, at least WE would have something to remember and listen to to remind us of this special time in our lives. 

Introducing our TRUE labor of love.....

DIY Engagement Favors photo 1   DIY Engagement Favors photo 2

DIY Engagement Favors photo 3                     DIY Engagement Favors photo 4

DIY Engagement Favors photo 5   DIY Engagement Favors photo 6  

DIY Engagement Favors photo 7  DIY Engagement Favors photo 8


This DIY project took us approximately 3 months to complete. We lightscribed 130 CD's. It took about 23 minutes to lightscribe each CD plus 5 minutes to burn the music and about 5 minutes to print, cut and assemble each front and back cover. So after all is said and done, each favor took us about 33 minutes to complete. 

I ask myself:


  1. Would I ever do this again? Hell to the NO! 
  2. Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY! :)
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We decided to carry on our color scheme through our flowers. We wanted something fresh, romantic, abundant, lush and elegant. And through that, we came to the conclusion of using the following flowers to grace us in all their beauty!

Cream Garden Roses                                           White Garden Roses

Flowers photo 1 86329bc34f8d5d00f80e97b01296172_s" alt="Flowers photo 2" width="338" height="286" /> Flowers photo 3


Cream Ranunculus                                             White Ranunculus                     

Flowers photo 4                    Flowers photo 5


White Peony                                                             Cream Peony                                                   

Flowers photo 6          Flowers photo 7

 White/Cream/Ivory Assorted Roses                              White Hydrangeas      

Flowers photo 8               Flowers photo 9


White Dahlia                                                             White Snapdragons                        

 Flowers photo 10                           Flowers photo 11


Organic Curly Willows                                             Crystals

Flowers photo 12                        Flowers photo 13



We are incorporating four different centerpieces throughout the guest tables. 2 highs and 2 lows.

We will be having 5 of these centerpieces. It will be one of our high arrangements presented in a glass wide lipped fluted vase filled with organic curly willows, fluffy hydrangeas, spray roses and snapdragons. There will also be crystals hanging from the branches. This arrangement will be sitting on a square bed of white rose petals.  

Flowers photo 14

Another 5 high arrangements will be presented in a gorgeous over sized hurricane vase adorned with a ball of full ivory roses and accented with crystals peeking out of each rose.

Flowers photo 15

5 Beautiful low and lush arrangements all in white tones consisting of elegant roses and hydrangeas. Crystals will also be sporadically placed throughout the arrangement. 

Flowers photo 16

Last but not least, we will have 6 candle arrangements as our 2nd low centerpiece option. These tables will be overwhelmed with different heights of glass cylinders filled with miniture ivory candle pillars. All the glasses will be sitting on a lush bed of roses with spurts of fulled bloomed roses. 

Flowers photo 17 Flowers photo 18



UPDATE: 2/7/10

I got my vases for one of my high centerpieces =)

           Flowers photo 19        Flowers photo 20 

           Flowers photo 21        Flowers photo 22

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The sign in table will be presented right when you walk in the foyer. We want to incorporate our family tree here as shown. Starting in the middle a pic of FI and I (e-pic) and then on each side a pic of parents on their wedding day to include our grandparents and great grandparents. All pics will be in black and white in gold frames.

Sign In Table photo 1

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I AM DONE! *phew*

I created newsletter to keep the ladies and fella's up to date with the latest of whats going on. 

HOWEVER, in this issue, I pretty much introduced the wedding party to include some fun Q&A about each person.

For TEAM GROOM, i asked:


  1.  Name
  2. Role/Relation
  3. Age/DOB
  4. Occupation
  5. Favorite Sports Team
  6. Favorite Video Game
  7. Favorite food
  8. Spare time activity

For TEAM BRIDE, I asked:

  1. Name
  2. Relationship/Role
  3. Age/DOB
  4. Occupation
  5. Fav Movie
  6. Fav Food
  7. Fav Place to visit
  8. Happiest When...
  9. Three words describing R&J (Ramon and Jaryce)

The front two pics resemble a "then and Now" recap. The first pic of me in the red shirt is the same exact day we became "Boyfriend and Girlfriend". It was on the day of his high school, June 16, 2001.

And then, there we are, 7 1/2 years later taking our e-pics 

        FRONT COVER:                                                    BACK:

       DIY Newsletter photo 1                   DIY Newsletter photo 2

PAGE 2-3                                                          PAGE 4-5
DIY Newsletter photo 3 DIY Newsletter photo 4

I created this on PowerPoint and printed it on thick card stock. 

TOTAL COST: (ink, paper, stamps, envelopes) $45
TOTAL TIME: 3-4 hours
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I am going for the fun, colorful yet classy look for my engagement party. 

I am getting this BCBG silk chiffon gown recreated by a seller I found off of Etsy. I'm so excited and the final product will be sent to me on May 16th! :)

Engagement Attire photo 1

And I've made an appointment with my hairstylist and a potential make up artist to beautify me. Here is my hair and make up inspiration.

Engagement Attire photo 2