Jun 26, 2010

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We created a wedding website for our guests to refer to. It entails everything one needs to know about the wedding. IE: Accommodations, travel, events, locations to include fun stuff like photo albums, taking polls and quizzes and cute little stories of how we met and our engagement stories :)

To check it out, view here.

Wedding Website photo 1

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I have always imagined myself having an all white bouquet. Thanks to Kristeen, her bouquet reconfirmed my decision. I hope I can have my florist recreate this.

                                      Bride Bouquet photo 1

              Bride Bouquet photo 2                    Bride Bouquet photo 3




So following in MARINAG's footsteps, my grandmother is passing down her rosary from her 25th anniversary. This rosary was blessed at her 25th ceremony and will be blessed at my wedding as well. I plan on wrapping it around mu bouquet. I intend to pass this on down to my future baby in hopes of keeping it in the family as a family heirloom.


                                                 Bride Bouquet photo 4

 Bride Bouquet photo 5 Bride Bouquet photo 6       

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I asked Ramon what he wanted to be incorporated in our reception. He said a CIGAR BAR! So his wish is my command. We're currently caught in between having a Cigar Roller come and pamper our guests or just having the plain ole cigar bar which would mean more set up and finding someone to assist the table.

Reception Entertainment photo 1 Reception Entertainment photo 2




feast your eyes on these beauties!!! Made by one of my favorite couture home decor shops, Opulent Treasures has outdone themselves once again. BRAVO! Truth be told, always wanted them, never could afford them until.... dun dun dunnnnTJ MAXX graced their shelves with these mouth dropping, oh so fabulous cake stands!

Reception Entertainment photo 3 Reception Entertainment photo 4

I'm thinking of using them at our cigar bar. Maybe we could display our custom made matchboxes on one and a pretty little floral arrangement on the other.

Reception Entertainment photo 5 Reception Entertainment photo 6

        Reception Entertainment photo 7   Reception Entertainment photo 8

Reception Entertainment photo 9 <--- {with no flash. Just her, in all her natural beauty}

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Sunday, March 1st was our first engagement photo shoot at the old Alameda Naval Base. I was so nervous about the rainy gloomy weather, but it turns out it makes for great sexy pics ;) oooh lala! I couldn't be more pleased with the results. Here are a few teasers.

UPDATE: This shoot has be BLOGGED! Check it out here :)

Engagement Photo Shoot photo 1   Engagement Photo Shoot photo 2  Engagement Photo Shoot photo 3

Engagement Photo Shoot photo 4 Engagement Photo Shoot photo 5

Engagement Photo Shoot photo 6 Engagement Photo Shoot photo 7

          Engagement Photo Shoot photo 8          Engagement Photo Shoot photo 9

and then my little art project ....

Engagement Photo Shoot photo 10

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Just a little inspiration.... 

B Pic Inspiration photo 1 B Pic Inspiration photo 2

B Pic Inspiration photo 3 B Pic Inspiration photo 4

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DIY Wedding Invitations photo 1 DIY Wedding Invitations photo 2



So I have been on the market for the perfect crystal embellishments and it turns out that there is no way I could allow myself to spend $2-$3 per embellishment. So I had two choices! I either had to veto the idea or do what I do best...GET CREATIVE!!

So here is what I came up with...

DIY Wedding Invitations photo 3 RINGS!!!!

I had FI clip the band off and VOILA! A perfect little invite embellishment for only 75 cents! Not bad, eh?


DIY Wedding Invitations photo 4 DIY Wedding Invitations photo 5

DIY Wedding Invitations photo 6

DIY Wedding Invitations photo 7 DIY Wedding Invitations photo 8

DIY Wedding Invitations photo 9 DIY Wedding Invitations photo 10

DIY Wedding Invitations photo 11

DIY Wedding Invitations photo 12

DIY Wedding Invitations photo 13

DIY Wedding Invitations photo 14 DIY Wedding Invitations photo 15

DIY Wedding Invitations photo 16 The End =)