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Jun 26, 2010

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The Aerialist Press
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Letterpress invites have always been a dream of mine. JUST A DREAM. I knew I could never afford the going rate on a letterpress invite until I decided to post on Etsy. I was getting OUTRAGEOUS bids and never caught a break. Until, The Aerialist Press responded. Their bid was nearly half of what everyone else was bidding. So I decided to take the next step and meet them to check out their work. I was pretty amazed. But what really sealed the deal is that they are an engaged couple as well. So what does that tell me? It tells me that they understand what I'm going through and that detail is EVERYTHING! So I decided to BOOK! They say my invites will be ready by June. Until then, with my updated review, I rate them 5 STARS!! Thanks so much and can't wait to see the final result =) ======================================================================= UPDATE!!! Ramon and I met Alex and Craig last week to pick up our letterpressed invites and all I've got to say is WOW! Amazing! Spectacular! We now have the most OUT OF THIS WORLD, gorgeous invites. This is the kind of vendor EVERY bride wishes for, sweet, kind and generous. I thought once I'd received my invites I'd be satisfied. haha. YEA RIGHT! Once I received my invites I was begging Ramon for more. LOL! So, with Ramons permission, we decided to use them for more of our wedding stationary. YAY! Thanks Aerialist Press for making our letterpress dream become a reality! ===================================================================================== ANOTHER UPDATE!!! I just received another package in the mail. MY PROGRAMS!!!! Man-o-man, Alex and Craig just get better and better. What can I say, I am now a SUCKER for letterpress. I love their work!! Like I said before, I will be back for more.... and that's a promise!! =) Love you Alex and Craig!
Services used: Invitations

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Annabella Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I don't know where to begin about how great Annabella Photog have been to me. I am absolutely in love with these ladies. After my first consultation with the ladies, I knew that they were PERFECT! I immediately booked them for our wedding in 2010. I was not only amazed with their degrees and years of experience, but I was especially amazed with their wedding albums. You could really tell the time and effort that they put into each page. And not to mention, the quality in each and every album. Annabella Photography is priced PERFECTLY! Their packages are priced reasonably considering the talent that goes into it. I vowed that I would not skim on a photog under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. Why? Because IMO, you get what you pay for, right? After all, when the wedding is all said and done, what is the only thing you have left to look back on? PICTURES! And that's why I decided to book them!! You truly see the time, effort and talent that they put into each and every photo. Thanks Jennifer and Alisa for making my decision so easy. I can't wait till we shoot our e-pics! ~Jaryce
Services used: Unique Services

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Laura Miller Design
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
EDIT: Happy when I met her, unhappy on my wedding day! It pains me to know that I had to run into a vendor like this. During our meetings, she seemed like she would/could deliver. I am the type of bride that will outline everything that I want so there is no room for mistake. Laura even acknowlege this trait and was thankful for my organization because through that, she knew EXACTLY what I wanted! I really don't want to get too into it because it just gets my blood pumping so I am going to just have to bullet note this... - CAKE TABLE - I reluctantly paid $300 for roses for my cake and a thick bed of rose petals for the table. The rose petals were suppose to act like a table linen. Not one spec of table was to be shown. When I walked into the cake table room.... what did I see? A bare table with about 20 rose petals scattered across! Unacceptable! - MY BOUQUET was lopsided!!! She told me I had to hold it a certain way or else the front will look odd. WHAT?! R u kidding me. I also ordered feathers to be placed at the base of my bouquet. But what did I get?.... Feathers you could buy at a local craft store that was randomly scattered throughout my bouquet. - BRIDESMAIDS BOUQUETS - Where a half dome. I ordered a ball. - GROOM BOUT - Ordered two orchids, he only got one. Which by the way was the wrong orchid. - CRYSTALS - I hand made about 75 crystal stems for Laura to put into the flowers for the low centerpieces. We dropped them off a few days before the wedding. For some odd reason, she thought she didn't have to include them. Instead she told me at the hotel the morning of that she didn't want to use them and left them with my DOC!! - I paid (5) $125 for a full balls of roses... what did I get? A flat "almost" half dome. The guest referred to them as the "flat centerpieces" - When she came to my hotel to drop off the bouquets... she was very rude. She gave me directions on how to hold my bouquet so it wont be lopsided and then she walked away.... and then she quickly turned around and said "Oh, and about the crystals you dropped off, yea, we didn't use them!" and then walked away! During my honeymoon, I decided to email her in hopes that she can find a way to rectify this matter.... don't worry. She didn't. She offered me 150 measly dollars for her mistakes! She said I hardly paid her anything. Ugh, so is she saying my $3600 bill was hardly anything?! WOW! I take offense to that! I'm done. I'm disgusted and I will never recommend this vendor to anyone. I actually ran into one of Laura Miller's clients. She recently married this year and turns out she was very unhappy with her service and product. If you know what's good for you... don't book with Laura. I never had a problem with any of my vendors. In fact, great relationships have taken place except for ONE! I'm sad it had to be with Laura! HOWEVER, I did give Laura 1 star. She did an amazing tall centerpiece for me =) Too bad I only ordered 5 of those =( I did however rate her 1 star because of the gorgeous
Services used: Flowers