Sep 01, 2013

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Believe it or not, our engagement came as a surprise to both of us... It was the last day of our vacation to Spain, and we were actually having a fight! FI was trying to convince me to move in with him, but I didn't want to. Since my housing arrangement would expire in less than a year, I wanted to wait and didn't think 9 months made that much of a difference. FI was frustrated though, and apparently without thinking he blurted out, "Well then, we should get engaged!" To which I responded (also without thinking), "Okay!". After a few moments of "Wait, did that really just happen?", he asked me again, properly this time, and I said yes.

The ring came a couple months later. It's a custom design, done through Nancy & David Fine Jewels of Millburn, NJ. It features a center marquise diamond flanked on each side by another, smaller marquise and round-cut stones. All of the diamonds are from a cocktail ring generously given by his grandmother. The center marquise was in fact her own engagement diamond.

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