Sep 03, 2011

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
No hands bar, AMAZING. We hired High Rize and received many compliments like what a great band! They can play!!!

In the beginning of hiring a band. I almost hired the wrong band. A band that I found on the internet (Martini Kings). By the grace of instinct, I could not for the life of me sign the weird band retainer. I also had a weird feeling and I felt like it might not be a good hire. I instinctually knew I should hold off hiring them until I asked more questions. The band leader was such a jerk and had a bad attitude (I have emails to proove it). I felt so burned by the experience that we were opting to hire a DJ rather than a band. I hated that I was treated badly for asking questions and realized do not hire a band directly because there is no way to protect oneself if they perchance not show up to my reception. Thank god for instincts. I then asked our event planner to recommend someone trust worthy and MUST have a professional attitude. She recommended De Boise Entertainment. I made a call to there office-- after hours-- and I got an immediate phone call from Randy. He was very nice. I told him my dilemma and my bad experience with the other band I almost hired. I met with Randy S at his office on a Sunday. We could only meet on the weekends and he was very flexible with his schedule. We told him what kind of music we liked and he showed us some bands he thought would fit. We told him that our budget and was willing to work within our budget. In hindsight we could have hired a DJ to save money, but the band took it to another level. We are so happy we hired De Bois Entertainment. Thank you Deboise. YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME.
Services used: Band

NLC Productions
( 4.2 / 5.0 )
The end user result for me was how beautiful the trellis and flowers were and how Nico's designs have
added to my wedding and my photographs. Nico's team brought the tropics to my venue. Sure, there can be issues when a bride has a perfect picture in her mind. Sure, there are things that happened that are not always how one wants it to happen. A wedding is a production even though people don't want to believe it. There were
many things that happened at my wedding I could not foresee like my nephew's missing tux or the weird family stuff that happens when there are uncontrolled variables. Yes, there were issues like any wedding and it was stressful putting together a wedding. I can tell you an email or two may have been lost between myself and Nico in the shuffle of putting together my wedding. Did it strain communications? maybe. Then again, I think about how I should really clean out my mailbox. I don't know why some things happen or not happen. If I were crazy woman I would have nit picked over every detail and made myself into a bridezilla. There were a lot of emotions happening to me and there were many things that happened at my wedding. Were there issues that happened at my wedding I could control? No and yes. At the time it could have been major if I let it get to me.

What really counts is this: As I walked down the isle and saw all my friends, family supporting me, my eyes then averted to a tropical designed trellis. I remember thinking how beautiful! I was really happy I was under all these orchids standing here ready to marry my love. How PERFECT!! I knew I did not make any mistake hiring Nico. His work is stunning!!! My custom shell designed bouquet was so beautiful. It was special and different. My bridal group looked beautiful with their flowers.
As for the The reception room , it too was transformed into a tropical island. Flowers hanging from the ambient lighting and I noticed guest kept taking pictures and looking up. I remember thinking that this is my wedding and it is beautiful. Nico makes art pieces. He is not a cookie cutter person and neither is his work. He is different and his work is bold and not like any other. I don't think he is like any other person I have met. He is good at what he does. I liken Nico to having a childlike spirit and his creativity stems from this. I understand it and I respect it. I am happy we hired him.

Installing something so beautiful is art. I know that art is so fanciful and creative that there is bound to have a few things not go my way. But then again it DID go my way!! It was AMAZING.
Services used: Flowers, Rentals & Photobooths