Aug 18, 2012

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Location Location Location 

We knew we wanted to get married somewhere that was important to us.  After looking at a dozens possible venues we decided on Ojiketa Park in Chisago, MN.  We love being on the lake in the summer so the location was perfect!  We will be getting married on Green Lake, and the best part was the cheapest venue!


This will be our ceremony location

Find the one that makes your heart smile photo 2

These are possible ceremony ideas

Find the one that makes your heart smile photo 3

Venue photo 1 

Ceremony Non-Pros

We had an outdoor doorway into our ceremony

This is a picture of the back

My husband built our altar out of 100 yr old barnwood.  So beautiful!

{Ceremony Pros}

I can still feel the sunshine on my face as the doors opened and my two favorite men walked me down the aisle to my future husband.


This is where the reception will take place. 

Venue photo 2

We are going for the vintage / rustic look.  This is my inspiration for the reception


Venue photo 3


Reception Non-Pros

Here's our Reception photos! The Lanterns and lights really set the mood.


Getting ready for the big day

Grand Entrance and Mr and Mrs



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 Wedding Hairstyles and Make Up?

I wanted to look like myself on my wedding day. I decided to wear my hair half up. These are pictures of my hair inspirations!

Wedding Hairstyles and Make Up photo 1Wedding Hairstyles and Make Up photo 2Wedding Hairstyles and Make Up photo 3

Practice Hair

Wedding Hairstyles and Make Up photo 4

I love the make up and hair in these photos!

Wedding Hairstyles and Make Up photo 5Wedding Hairstyles and Make Up photo 6

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I think your accessories are a huge part of telling who you are.  I had just as much fun picking them out as I did my dress!


I didn't want the traditional garter.  I used this one as my inspiration

Express Yourself photo 1

this one is my creationExpress Yourself photo 2


I needed to find a shoe that didn't have much of a heel.  I ended up going with a fun shoe from Poetic License. Not only are they adorable but really comfortable.

Express Yourself photo 3


I love these earrings!  Tejani has such beautiful jewelry for your big day! It was so hard to choose but these are the ones! This company is amazing!

Express Yourself photo 4

With my love of Antique Shops I knew I wanted to find my own brooch and DIY this bracelet.  That way it had more meaning to me.  

Express Yourself photo 5Express Yourself photo 6

I found my Antique Brooch!  It is a lovely Eisenberg ICE piece. The beads were found at Michaels craft store. I ordered the clasp on Etsy.  Here is my DIY brooch bracelet!

Express Yourself photo 7


To DIY or not DIY? That is the ? I ran out of time so I bought mine beautiful sash on etsy from  yanethandco she did such an amazing job! This one isn't mine but mine is similair



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Thanks to my MOH for giving this to us for our wedding!

The Newlyweds!




Our Wedding Day was so beautiful.  I got my dream wedding that I've always hoped for since I was a little girl!  We were so lucky to have such a beautiful day for an outdoor wedding and wonderful people to help celebrate our special day with us!


{Pro Pics}

La de da Photography ~ Minneapolis, MN

Getting ready for the big day!!!!


I love this picture! One day I will give it to my daughter on her wedding day!




Pro Teaser 

la de da Photography

Mr <3 Mrs Pennant banner on etsy:


I found another use for our wedding banner.  I thought it would be fun to take a pic with our banner each season of the first year of our marriage.  Maybe each Anniversay after...

My Favorite Wedding Photos...

Our Wedding Style

Our wedding was a mix of Rustic and Vintage finds. I wanted to repurpose items in my wedding and ended up finding a way to stay within budget.  I also researched items that I knew would be popular after the wedding so I could pass it along to another bride!  I ended up doing a lot of DIY work!  All so I could end up with my fairytale Wedding!

Ann & Chad 

The best thing to hold onto in life is each other. - Audrey Hepburn

Find the one that makes your heart smile photo 1

Our story begins...

We lived next door to each other and quickly became friends. It didn't take long for everyone to see the spark between us.

Our Family

The kids are super excited to be a part in the big day!

Our Family Wedding Day Ready!

He asked....She said yes!!!!

Chad asked me to marry him on his birthday January 21, 2011.  He wanted to wait to make sure it was a day I would not expect him to ask me. It was a lot of fun celebrating with our closest friends that night who came out for chads birthday but were in on the engagement!



Save The Date




Our Wedding Colors 


Find the one that makes your heart smile photo 1Find the one that makes your heart smile photo 2Find the one that makes your heart smile photo 3Find the one that makes your heart smile photo 4

Purple, grey, and tan


Wedding Party

This is the color of the Bridesmaids dresses.They are bill levkoff in plum.  

This is the bridesmaids dress! It is a bill levkoff dress

 Jr bridesmaid dress but it will be in purple. I couldn't resist getting a 2nd dress for my daughter to get some pictures of us together!  Her ivory dress is from OliviaKateCoutre on Etsy - OliviaKateCouture

My beautiful daughter in her dresses.....

pro pics


Just for fun!!


Flower girl dress. I found this on Etsy at Stephanie Renicks Shop - Stephanie Renick

Here is my lovely flower girl

pro pic

Inspirations for my dress!

These are a few I tried on...

This is my dress! White by Vera Wang Satin Faced Organza Fit and Flare Gown Style VW351020

I said yes! To this dress!  

My mother is making my veil! It will be similar to this one without the headband

My Beautiful Handmade Veil!

Thank you Mom!


I found this beautiful antique brooch on ebay for around $20 to wear in my hair just above the veil.  I thought it worked out really well.  Unfortunatly I lost it that day after me and hubby took pictures laying in the grass together and I had to take it out because it started falling out.  I Should of gave it to my MOH


DIY Invites

If you plan on DIYing your invites like I did plan on 4X more time than you already figured. Or maybe more helpers.  It took way longer just to adress the invites than I expected.



My handy work~

pro pic