Jun 30, 2012

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I am so happy the front of my guest book has turned out so well. My guestbook is another DIY project, I wanted a book with black pages so all my guests can write in cool pastel gel pens. But unfortunately I could not find one at a reasonable price, so I found this great sketch pad on sale for $8.00. I am hand decorating every page, with photos of my fiance and I, leaving enough room for all our guests to write something and sign their name. I love to scrapbook and hated the ideal of a normal guest book, this is one of my favorite DIY I've done so far.



guest book photo 1



guest book photo 2


guest book photo 3

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Hye fellow future brides.

I have recently attended a bridal show that is giving away a free photo booth. 

We got a photo done and it is placed up on Facebook, all we have to get is the most "likes" on the photo to win. The last day for voting is Feb 7th. 

To help us out, just go to


2- Facebook page 585wedding

3- Find the album Bridal Expo.

FREE PHOTO BOOTH 3 photo 14- I am "FUTURE BRIDE #81"

5- Thank you all fellow brides to be and brides. <3

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With the holidays finally over I can get back on track with all my wedding planning. I sat down and wrote out a list of all the to do's to still do. 

Now being back on track, I have been looking up my center peices so I can get started on my major projects. 


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After just browsing the web forever, I finally found some brooch bouquets I love. I am still unsure if I want to take all the time to make one, to find every piece that I whould want is going to take forever, since I am a perfectionist. But again after looking at these photos, how can I not take this project on as well?


My Favorite is the one with the fabric flowers added as well, I whould prob also add some butterflies to add my theme to it. But how stinking cute are these? (DIY is soooo much cheaper than buying these, they retail for $300 plus)!!


Should I add this project to the list photo 1Should I add this project to the list photo 2Should I add this project to the list photo 3

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So speaking of bridesmaids dresses, augh. I took the whole bridal party out shopping the same day I went for my dress. It was a packed day of girl fun. I really was on a mission on finding my dress as well as finding the girls dresses. We finished my dress shopping and went for some drinks and lunch at Friday's then hit a huge sale at Davids Bridal. Once at Davids Bridal the girls went crazy and found tons of dresses, but there was one that the girls all wanted to try on that was on the manni. It was a beautiful plum color and was tea length (but actually hit them on the calves.) All my ladies were able to try it on and everyone agreed upon it, but once we left and I talked to them all seprately they told me they weren't that crazy about it. 
So with my maid of honor in hand and a day to ourselves we went back out hunting down the perfect dress for my bridesmaids. I was looking for a purple (any shade that could go with Men's Warehouse.), tea length and could be something the girls could wear again. Once my maid of honor had tried on everything in two different shops we just tried on "the bridesmaid dress" (the original) just to compare it. With Courtney (maid of honor) and I going to school for fashion and having that eye for detail and what we could make out of things, we saw that this dress had a great base to it, just with a couple fixes we could make it what we have been hunting for.

Shortening the dress to the length that is going to look great on everyone and give it a better shape, adding a ribbon to break up all that plum color, and a fabric flower for flare (and to match my dress) is what this needed. With my maid of honor being such a great sport about trying on a million dresses and running around the salon with fabric sashes and flower girl flowers for their hair, we ended up with the greatest bridesmaid dress ever!!!!

Thank You Courtney, I love you <3

Bridesmaids photo 1Bridesmaids photo 2 

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YAY for bubbles. Since we are having an outdoor wedding instead of having rice thrown we are going to give bubbles to our guests so they can see us off with something fun. After doing tons of online research on prices and checking out all the different kinds of bubbles that are out there I found that the Dollar Tree has 9 bubbles to a pack and that they are just plain containers. This was the cheapest way to go, I went down to the local store and picked up a bunch of packs. Holding onto them for weeks till I could figure out a way to make them our own and give them that detail that makes it part of our wedding. I found these cute little purple flowers at Michael's (on one of my weekly checks of the store). They were only $3.99 a pack of 50, I also had a 40% off coupon (which made them well worth it). They were not preadhesive so I did have to pull out the hot gluegun to attach these. It was a quick and easy way to add our purple color and that little detail. BUBBLES 15 cents each photo 1BUBBLES 15 cents each photo 2



Mini bubbles (9 pack from Dollar Store)

Mini Fabric flowers (50 pack from Michaels)

Hot Glue Gun


This has to be the easiest project, just take the hot glue gun and give the back of the fabric flower a dab of glue, then place on the top of the bubbles top.

TaDa, beautiful bubbles for your guest : )