Jul 13, 2013

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The Wedding Plans

Ceremony and Reception Site

THE CEREMONY AND RECEPTION SITE ARE BOOKED!! We knew we wanted to have our ceremony and reception at the same venue going into the planning process. After looking at several sites, we booked one! We changed our original date from July 13th, 2013 to July 27th, 2013 so that we could have the room that we wanted. It actually will work out better being later since we will be moving the end of June/beginning of July.The place is called Glen Oak. It's a golf course and is really pretty! The ceremony will be held outside (hopefully) by a gazebo and the cocktail hour/reception will be held inside in a room that had an outdoor patio attached. The price was really affordable and we get a lot for what we are paying! Here are some pictures of the venue that I found online:


Bridal Party

We have our bridal party all chosen too. For my Maid(s) of Honor I am having my two older sisters, Katie and Kelly. My bridesmaids will be my two best friends since highschool, Amanda and Laura, along with Alex's two sisters, Jamie and Shannon. Alex's best man will be his best friend Tony that he has known since elementary school. His groomsmen will be his friends Matt and Dave, his cousin Dan, and his two brother-in-laws, John and Jesse.


The color scheme that I have chosen is purple and aqua/teal. I have SO many inspiration pictures so it'll just be a narrowing down process.

Inspiration pics

And so the planning begins photo 1And so the planning begins photo 2And so the planning begins photo 3And so the planning begins photo 4And so the planning begins photo 5


My inspiration board!

 *The dress (drool!) is by Jim Hjelm and is winklkr 's dress! 


On day I was showing FI my Wedding Inspiration board on Pinterest and when we came to a picture of possible centerpieces he said "Wow that looks really cool! We could definitely make those!" And thus our centerpieces were decided on. They will be something along the lines of these inspiration pics:


Here is the link to my Pinterest wedding board. Check it out!


My to do list (Thanks to Ajava210)

Things to Do

Get wedding dress

Shop for bridesmaids dresses

Pick out men's look

Pick out flowergirl dress

Decide on jewelry

Decide on favors

Cake test

Things to Book
Ceremony/Reception Site

Justice of the peace

Music for ceremony
Wedding Cake

Spa Day

Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

Rehearsal Dinner site

Things to Decide

Guest List
Bridal Party
Color Scheme
Wedding Cake Design
Cake topper



Chair covers/Chair Sashes
Reception Decorations
Ceremony Decorations
Ceremony Music
Formal Dances Music (First Dance, Father/Daughter)

Wedding Day Timeline
Something Old, New, Borrowed & Blue
Program wording

**Still working on making this list!




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How we met

For the longest time, I never thought I would get married. I had pretty bad experiences with boyfriends and boys in general in my past and was not even looking to settle down, when I met my now fiance, Alex. I was in my sophmore year of college at SUNY Brockport, when one day I was going through my Facebook friends and noticed I was friends with a guy at Brockport who had the same last name as me! I immediately asked my mom about it and said she didn't think there was any relation so I decided to message him. We messaged eachother back and forth several times and found that suprisingly although we did have the same last name, we were not related. Not long after this, he invited me to a party that he was having at his house. We found out we had a lot in common and that we had actually grown up only minutes away from eachother in the suburbs of Buffalo (Weird!) We hit it off immediately and have been together ever since! Alex is two years older than me, so when he graduated from Brockport, he moved to Rochester for work. It was definitely tough on our relationship at times being apart but looking back on it, I know it has just made us stronger as a couple. Once I graduated from Brockport, I moved back to Buffalo to go to graduate school and Alex got a job in Buffalo so he moved back too (Yay!)


All you need is love ♥ photo 1

This picture was taken on our "1 month anniversary" in my dorm room at Brockport.



We had just come back from a family get together and Alex said that he was going to check our Buffalo Bills tickets for the following day. He was fumbling around in his drawer when he told me that we should probably get the wine that I had brought that was in the car because there was a lot to celebrate. Totally oblivious I replied with "Like what?" He mentioned how the Buffalo Sabres had won both of their games (We are both HUGE Sabres fans) and how we were going to the Bills game the next day (HUGE Bills fans as well). He then said "And there's this" and turned around with the ring. He got down on one knee and said something along the lines of how he had so much to say but really just wanted to know if I would marry him. I replied with "OH MY GOD! YES!" It may not have been your typical, super romantic proposal but I was totally, completely, utterly surprised and that's all that I really wanted. We celebrated our engagement the following day at the Buffalo Bills game.

 My ring!

All you need is love ♥ photo 2 Celebrating at the Bills game. They won for us too!