Jul 14, 2012

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I have tried to find photography similar to the environment we'll be in...the middle of the forest! These are all from a google search, and I can't remember all the sources.

First look, bride and groom only {in the woods}

Gorgeous photography photo 1

Gorgeous photography photo 2

Gorgeous photography photo 3

Gorgeous photography photo 4

Gorgeous photography photo 5

dried flower bridal head piece

Gorgeous photography photo 6

Gorgeous photography photo 7

Gorgeous photography photo 8

Gorgeous photography photo 9

Bridal party shots

bridesmaids in boots

Gorgeous photography photo 10Gorgeous photography photo 11

groomsmen in vests and tan pants


rustic barn wedding reception

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Um, can I just say that if you haven't checked out , you should. It makes me drool a little. It usually makes my wallet want to run and hide in the closet, but that's neither here nor there. Some of the keepsake items are affordable, but I mostly use the site for inspiration. Lots of these gorgeous items could be totally replicated at home for much cheaper. So, without further ado, here's some of my inspiration eye candy:)

BHLDN Inspiration photo 1BHLDN Inspiration photo 2BHLDN Inspiration photo 3

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I just purchased Nick's ring yesterday...SO COOL!! And pretty reasonably priced. If you like it, check out the sellers here. They're also on Etsy as Fabuluster. I can't wait to get the kit in the mail and get started:)

UPDATE: We recieved the kit to obtain my prints in the mail a few days ago. And holy moly, does it ever look intense. Lol. The thing came with about 20 steps of instructions, a thermometer, special tweezers, and five mold strips! But it'll be worth it for FI to have his fun, unique bling. I plan on taking the plunge  tomorrow...wish me luck;)

UPDATE 02/23/12: The fingerprints are all finished and shipped out! I got a convo from the Etsy seller yesterday telling me we'll have Nick's ring in 8-10 weeks. Hooray!

UPDATE 5/4/12: We recieved FI's ring in the mail! We had to send it back once to be sized, which took about a week, but this should be the final one. Yayyyy:) We couldn't be more pleased. They did an awesome job!

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Scratch the cake. We want Little Debbie! Hahaha. But seriously...a treat table is the verdict. It was going to be doughnuts, until we decided that we love all things sweet too much to limit ourselves;) We're still using the treat stands that I'm working on (pictures can be found in the DIY section), but we're loading them with Little Debbie snacks and homemade cookies in addition to a few dozen doughnuts. It'll be more cost effective, and we don't have to worry about the logistics of displaying all 17 dozen doughnuts on the table at once.

UPDATE: After a a little good-natured harassment about the traditions of wedding cake from my Mama and Nanny, we've decided to add a small, simple wedding cake to the center of center of the treat table. I found a lady here in town that makes to-DIE-for-delicious wedding cake, and we have a tasting 03/12/12. The two flavors are buckeye (chocolate burbon cake with peanut butter filling/frosting) and strawberry shortcake (sugar cookie flavored cake with strawberry jam filling and cream frosting). YUM!

Cake Inspiration

Dessert Table Inspiration

       Treat Table photo 1Treat Table photo 2Treat Table photo 3Treat Table photo 4yarn garland dessert table diyTreat Table photo 1Treat Table photo 5

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I'm DIYing all of my paper products for the day. Here's the inspiration. I'll post pictures of the actual stuff as soon as it's finished. If you like all of this, there's plenty more to drool over here.


Reality (Save-the-dates)



The Invitations