Jul 14, 2012

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We're eight seven six five four three TWO ONE (omg!) month out, and all mostly all the major stuff (i.e. DJ, Photographer, catering, venues) is booked...but LOTS of DIY projects and smaller, easily forgotten stuff left. So here it is, in no particular order:

Talk to Pastor about officiating ceremony

Pre-marital counseling

  • Session one
  • Session two
  • Session three
  • Session four

Finalize ceremony

Purchase battery powered speaker for playing ceremony music

Find an iphone operator for the ceremony

Obtain layout of tables and sizes from venue

Book rental of ceremony chairs and reception linens

Talk to/book caterer

Help girls find their bridesmaid’s dresses/shoes

Make sure FI and the fellas go shopping for their attire

Decide on bridesmaid’s/flowergirl gifts, purchase or make

Order groom’s ring

Finish treat stands 

Find a cake server

Finish cake table backdrop

Finish treat take home favor bags

Get log slices from Dad

Make (5) 8' book page table runners

Make "Here comes the bride" sign

Finish wrapping vases with lace and twine

Finish ring bearer pillow

Purchase tea cups at antique store

Make table signs

Make tissue paper pompoms

Make lace lanterns

Paint “L-O-V-E” letters

Make “reserved” signs for ceremony rows and reception tables

Purchase string lights for reception

Purchase supplies for mason jar candles and put together

  • Mason jars
  • Course sand
  • Candles

Make paper roses

Create preliminary "day of" timeline

Purchase large glass jar for guestbook

Finish ripping out chapter headings for guestbook

Make sign for guestbook/drink ticket table

Make curtain and banner for behind sweetheart table

Get fabric for curtain behind the cake/to cover fire extinguisher

Purchase supplies for and make card box

Make pinwheel wall

Make boutonnieres for fellas

Make chalkboard sign for ceremony

Make "WELCOME" sign (kraft letters) for pinwheel wall

Make wood pointy signs for ceremony

Hair and makeup trial

Make drink tickets

Get addresses from Mama and FMIL

Obtain supplies for save-the-dates

Nail down design of save-the-dates, print, assemble, and mail/deliver.

Have e-pics taken

Order flowers online

Shop for/buy flower girl dresses

Shop for/buy ring bearer attire

Order supplies for invitations

Design invitations, print, assemble, and mail/deliver

First dress fitting

Final dress fitting

Communicate music, "do not play" list, etc. to DJ 3 weeks before wedding date

Communicate final numbers to caterer, deposit due 10 days before wedding.

Cake tasting and design

Order cake toppers

Make golf flags for denoting different treat types

The week of the wedding:

  • Bake treats for treat table with Mama and Nanny
  • Pick up linens and chairs on Friday
  • Decorate the reception venue
  • Assemble bouquets and centerpiece flowers with the ladies.
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Yep. The day before my birthday. By a gorgeous lighthouse on the lake. And through my happy tears, I said, "Yes. I would be honored to marry you."  And I meant it. Sometimes he leaves dishes in the sink, usually he throws his clothes on the floor next to the hamper, and he always eats us out of house and home. But all in all, I couldn't ask for a more perfect partner, and I thank God every day that we found each other. Now we're ready to start this first chapter of our lives together as husband and wife...but first comes the wedding planning!! Oh...and the pictures of my gorgeous engagement ring, of course;)

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I had been single for well over a year when she finally said it, "I know someone who wants your number". The dreaded phrase. Why? Because I'm great at being in a committed relationship. But I SUCK at dating. Especially first dates, and especially with younger guys who typically have a zero maturity level rating. But let's be honest...I'd seen pictures of my co-workers youngest son, and wowzers. DEE-licious. He wants my number? Give it to him. I'm game for a free dinner/movie combo with a cutie pie three years younger.

So she did.

We texted back and forth, and I was surprised how easy it was to be myself around him. I found that because he was younger, and I didn't really expect our relationship to go anywhere, I was more relaxed. I said what was on my mind, and didn't hold back. Which, interestingly enough, didn't scare him away. We set a date to go to the movies, and go to the movies we did.

I was pretty sure he didn't like me.

He said next to nothing the entire time, but he had an adorable smile. So I made it my mission to make him smile as much as possible. At the end of the night, he told me he had fun, but I was positive it was just one of the obligatory statements that you say at the end of a first date, and didn't expect to hear from him again.

I was wrong.

He did like me! I found out that he's just quiet and shy until you get to know him. Which was actually really refreshing. He wan't like other guys I'd dated, and he certainly didn't act his age. Actually...he reminded me much of myself. Something of an old soul with a silly streak:) We continued laughing and dating, and eventually we got around to kissing, then dating only eachother and talking about the future. And just when I least expected it...

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To save money, I've decided to order all my flowers online from and arrange them myself (well, me and my 6 closest ladies). They are all being shipped to my grandma's house on Thursday, and we'll be arranging them and taking them to the venue on Friday before the rehersal:) 




 source source source

To get the look:

In order to achieve the above look, I have ordered the following flowers. In order, they are (1) Dinner Plate Dahlias (2) Creamy Ivory Peony Roses (3) Peachy Cream Carnations (4) Scabiosa Pods (5) Dusty Miller

Dinner Plate Dahlia Flower Creamy WhiteCreamy Ivory Peony RosePeachy Cream Bulk Carnation FlowerScabiosa Pods Green Filler Flower   Dusty Miller Green Filler Flower



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The second log slice will be a trifle taller...and have a teacup filled with wedding mints {wedding mints are FI's ONE wedding request. Who can deny that??} and a sign with the table word, and a quote about the table word sticking out of it like a plant stake. There will also be a little plate of munchies...haven't decided exactly what yet. The second part of the centerpiece will also have a vase of flowers...

Centerpiece Inspiration II photo 1

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Our theme is sort of a feminine meets masculine type thing going on. Seemingly opposing things coming together to create surprising combos. Burlap and lace. Soft candlelight and gravel. Delicate flowers and log slices. Beautiful gray linens and twinkling lights in a dusty, rustic old ski lodge. So here's what I'm thinking for part one of the centerpieces. Different sized candles in different sized mason jars clustered on a log slice. My dad has already agreed to cut me some slices when he chops wood this winter. Can't beat free!!

                                                 Centerpiece Inspiration photo 2