Feb 21, 2015

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Well on January 21st my fiance and I came home to his apartment to find his big screen LCD gone! My laptop and tablet gone!  Some of his jewellery and prized watches all gone!  This has been my THIRD laptop that I have lost due to theft....needless to say I was hurt and gravely disappointed as I was just visiting for 2 1/2 weeks.  All of our wedding plans, ideas, thoughts, wedding list, pictures, memories and more were on my laptop.

I felt as if I was right back to square one but I stopped, remembered what my mom always tells me and thanked God that we weren't home at the time.  It could have been so much worse.  My fiance felt so badly for me so we regrouped and forged ahead.  Even though he lost his treasured 50inch that he spent over 9months researching, he was more concerned with my losses.

I couldn't have asked for a better support system than my fiance and my family.  I am so grateful for them all.  Material stuff can be replaced, not family or loved ones.  That's all (for now) folks!


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My fiance and my story have been over twenty years in the making.  We met when we were both in Primary School and had quite a "eventful" relationship.  Throughout it all we always remained honest and connected.

He even migrated to the US and we still reconnected after some years of absolutely no contact with each other.  What can I say other than "if it's meant to be....then it will be".  We still have a long distance relationship but not for long. He proposed over the net via Oovoo last year!!!  He sneaked the ring into my handbag and all he told me was "I got you something, when you get back home from the airport, call me".  The LAST thing I thought he was talking about was an engagement ring.

Sure enough later that night as we chatted online, he asked me if I went in the pocket of my handbag, I hadn't.  I brought it next to me while I was chatting....eventually my fingers felt ran over but I thought it was something else (after all why would I think it was a ring?).

Maybe what I should have shared was the trip I returned from (to visit him) was my idea...a surprise visit, he had NO idea it was me he was going to meet at the airport just ten days prior.  I conspired with his best friend to make him believe it was his best friend's brother who was arriving. LOL his face was epic! I was BBMing from the time I landed telling him I just came out of an appointment.  We werent even together at that point, I settled on making the impromptu visit to see if we still had our spark after not seeing him for FIVE YEARS!  Ahhh yes, only we could have such a colourful story....only us!

Our story is really unique and I have a feeling it signifies what's to come.  I CAN'T WAIT!!!!! :-D