Jun 20, 2008

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My mom is the mastermind behind this design. We wanted to use wax seals on the invites, but heard that they usually get ruined during mailing. So, when we were trying to decide how to make the programs, she came up with this little beauty!
We folded the printed-on piece of purple cardstock hamburger style leaving about an inch and a half to fold back over and seal. The pages inside were also scaled down the extra inch and a half to accomodate the second fold. The inside pages were held in place with elastic string. Once all of the elements were put together, we used glue-gun sealing wax and a sealer to stamp them closed.

DIY ceremony programs photo 1

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Here are the invitations I designed myself on Microsoft Publisher. This is really an easy program to use and you can get really great results once you learn all the tricks. The main invitation and reception enclosure were printed on the same purple paper I used for the programs (below). The response card was on white, and the website enclosure was printed on Papersource's chartreuse paper.

DIY invitations photo 1

DIY invitations photo 2

DIY invitations photo 3

DIY invitations photo 4

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Hello all you brides-to-be,

I was once where you are now, collecting a myriad of jpegs and sorting them into folders, organizing, downsizing and gathering again all in an effort to whittle my big ideas into a perfect, compact little gem of a wedding day. It was a long and fun process for me, but now I'm a married woman, and my purpose of existing on bridal websites now is to pass along any help I can to you.

I tackled DIY projects including my invitations, ring pillow, programs, hair accessory, and centerpieces.
I sorted through both solicited and unsolicited advice from friends and family.
I stressed over my body and fought against laziness to get fit for the big day.
I bargain shopped.
I second-guessed my dress.
I handled a delicate family situation that teetered on complete emplosion.
...and some things turned out not at all the way they were planned.

If you have questions, I want to help! Design questions? I may be able to dabble around and create something for you if it will ease your crazed bridal mind! Just let me know :) I feel as though I have a duty to help!

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