Jun 20, 2008

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    Always, always, always scour the web for deals. We ordered chinese take-out boxes online for dirt cheap for our favor boxes. I baked batches of my favorite cookies and my husband's favorite cookies and put them in cellophane bags along with a recipe card for each cookie inside of the box and sealed them with seals bought at Michael's.

DIY other small projects photo 1

     I got this idea from soccer player Landon Donovan's wedding. Theirs was a winter wedding so it made a bit more sense, but I liked the idea of having a useable guestbook. I bought discount pieces of leftover fabrics at JoAnn and cut them into big squares. To display them, I rolled them toquito-style and had them sticking up out of colored glass goblets. I put out laundry pens to write with and a basket to put completed squares in.

*My tip if you decide to do this or something unique like this is to make sure your guests know what it is. I think a lot of people at my wedding were looking for an actual book to sign and when they didn't see one, they shrugged their shoulders and moved on without recording their presence. Maybe ask a friend to man the table and let guests know what to do.

DIY other small projects photo 2

     For entertaining the kiddos, hit the Dollar store. We filled two baskets with coloring books, crayons, toys, and candy all for about 20 bucks.

DIY other small projects photo 3

     The one I made didn't turn out as clean as I'd hoped, but all I did was get a cheap photo box from Hobby Lobby and hot glued satin ribbon around the box and a silk orchid stem to the top. I used rub-on letters to spell "thank you" above the card slot.
This seemed like such a no sweat project that I didn't put as much effort into it, which made the finished product suffer (note the sloppy card slot). It served its purpose though and it was very cheap to make.

DIY other small projects photo 4

     I stole this idea from a photo I saw first on the Knot bios page (here at Project Wedding she is lak3rgrl34). I was dying for something original to put my cake on instead of the standard silver filgree plateau. This seemed perfect. Seeing as how my cake was round and hardly any elements of the day were blocky, instead of using cubes I found small bulb votive holders at Hobby Lobby for half-off (again, always a sale). Mimicking lak3rgrl34's photo, I placed silk orchid blooms underneath the outside bulbs and white LED lights underneath the inner bulbs to give it a glow when the lights went down.
     *If you want to have a lit cake stand, make sure it will be dark enough to achieve the glow effect. We cut our cake almost right after we made our entrance and it was still light out so the LED effect was lost. By the time it got dark, the cake had been devoured.

DIY other small projects photo 5

"PAY-TO-PLAY" list
     My sister-in-law did this at her wedding but without the bowls for cash. I picked four songs that I hated and did not want to have played and had a contest with them. Whichever song "earned" the most cash by the end of the night was the one that got played and the bride and groom had to dance to it.
*Make sure you have someone you trust keep an eye on the bowls so no greedy hands dip into your cash!

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If you have a place to conveniently hang something, this might be a good way to display your send-off bubbles, sparklers, or rice. My mom and I trekked out to First Monday trade show in Canton, TX and found these great iron hanging baskets. We put a shallow glass bowl inside each and filled with colored sand (both from Michael's) and stood the bubbles up in the sand.

send off display photo 1

*A place like First Monday, which is essentially a flea market on lots of steroids, is a GREAT place to find all sorts of different things for your day at a good price. Here are some of the things we found:

Ashtrays for outdoor cigar lounge (pictured with centerpiece above)
Goblets to hold fabric squares for quilt guestbook
hanging baskets for bubbles
Texas shot glasses for welcome baskets
3 vintage tables (all for $30!), pictured with husband and I sitting on couch

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I made a cheap-o version of those sparkling manzanita trees with real crystals hanging everywhere to place on the cigar table of our outdoor lounge. I went to a small patch of woods near my house and gathered a bunch of different kinds of branches and spray painted them bronze. We bought a tall cylinder vase as well as the rocks to weight the bottom and the silk orchid stems at Hobby Lobby (again, only buy on sale, this place always has a sale). My mom had bought the plastic crystal-shaped beads at Pottery Barn on clearance around Christmas, but these are also sold at Michael's. The bead strands we picked up at Michael's also. The strands were the most expensive part of this centerpiece, so if your budget is uber tight, skimp here and use more pendant beads and hang at different lengths from fishing line. I used green string to tie in with the color scheme.

DIY centerpiece photo 1

DIY centerpiece photo 2

DIY centerpiece photo 3

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This message was in the context of me stressing about getting fit and the adverse bloating effects of birth control, but my friend's Godly words grounded me and kept me focused on the important things right on through "I do."

"...also, i went on birth control and gained seven pounds the month before the wedding. at first i thought i was going to die, but the lord humbled me so gently; he showed me that i was caught up in a lie -- a lie about "the perfect day" and the "beautiful bride" and the "most important moment of my life" and the wedding being "MY special day." He showed me that there is no perfect day other than the day i behold my saviour's face and am transformed to look like him. there is nothing beautiful in me except for his image there, his craftsmanship, his good grace. there is nothing so important in this life that could possibly eclipse the moment that he resurrected my dead soul and prompted it to accept him. and the wedding, i realized, was not MY day, but His: if i did not seek his glory alone everything about the day would be meaningless. a marriage is a covenant that transcends two particular people; as soon as you enter into that covenant you lose your identity forever, and become a representation and a picture of the true identity, the love of christ for the church. you surrender yourself to another person in order to surrender yourself to the Lord. you are in no way your own, and you have a claim to nothing except for God's promise to do good to you. let yourself be captivated by the other-wordly significance of marriage and all the rest -- napkins and dresses and food and music and decorations and invitations -- oh, it pales! it does not matter at all, and if you refuse to let it matter to you, you will have such a great time preparing to marry your caleb. God taught me this at just the right time, and i look on those days before the wedding as some of the sweetest and most meaningful days i have lived in."

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Before I would spend $25 or more on a floral comb, I had to try making my own. I bought a couple of floral stems at Hobby Lobby (only get them when they are half off, which is about every other week! Also, get stems with multiple blooms in case of mess-ups). I also got a package of plastic combs at Michael's for 2 bucks and a small piece of birdcage tulle. Then the hot glue gun and I sat down to make something pretty. The first two were pretty awful.
*Tip* You will have the tendency to choose a bigger bloom than you actally need. I figured this out the hard way as I jumped in the car for my second run to the craft store. If you need to, take a mirror with you to the store and hold the flowers up to your head.*

The final result, which I wore to my reception, turned out great. First I cut a scallopped edge into the tulle, folded it and glued it down, then added the main white bloom, followed by the smaller purple ones.

DIY hair comb photo 1

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I found this design in a Martha Stewart Wedding magazine. Just go pick out some fabric that you like, a mini stuffer pillow, and pin some ribbon into place. My aunt sewed it together for me.

DIY ring pillow photo 1