Oct 01, 2011

Lotus Flower Shop
( 4.8 / 5.0 )
Thomas just did my wedding and he is great! I told him what I wanted and he out did my excitations. His prices are reasonable for a quality florist. He was professional and everything was lovely. I would recommend Lotus flowers for and event.
Services used: Flowers

( 3.0 / 5.0 )
I am sorry to say that I wads not happy with the services at Sound Prodigy. DJ Pat was very good and helpful in our consultations, he was patient and took the time to go through many different options for music at our October wedding. Un fortunately the same quality of service did not transfer to the day of. DJ Pat was there for the ceremony but had to call in a replacement for the reception. No one informed me of this so I was a little surprised to see someone I did not know or was comfortable with for the reception. The replacement was nice but some of the announcements I went over with with Pat were never made. Many people told me later that they never knew when the cake was being cut and missed it. I also hired Sound Prodigy to do a photo booth. I was told there would be different color paper and pens for people to use. The only paper provided was black with a silver pen. Some of my guest thought the person working the booth was a little rude and short with them, she seemed like she didnt want to be there. The book still came out nice but on my wedding day I wanted things to go as previously planned and discussed. That was why I hired him. So im sure DJ Pat does do a good job (he was recommended to me) and maybe I caught him on a off day but for a wedding you dont want to take a chance with a vendor that might have their off day on your wedding. If you hire him for photo booth get the details in a contract! He emailed me a week later to say sorry for leaving and I wrote him back with my concerns but I have not gotten a response...
Services used: DJ
Sound Prodigy
This is in response to the review that was written. I think Micha and her husband are wonderful people and I was delighted to work with them. Its also nice that they had good things to say about me too. I am also sorry if it feels like I let them down in this situation. Now I try to explain to every client that we don't live in a perfect world and anything can happen at any time. Unfortunately I had got food poisoning from a meal that I had ate the night before and I was throwing up. I had to go outside and away from the event because I didn't want to be getting sick in a rest room that guests were also using. Good thing I had a professional back up DJ with me that day who was able to step in. Ironically enough my back up DJ was the guy that first taught me how to DJ so the client was in good hands.

In regards to the paper and pens it’s the clients request at to what they want. If they specify colored pens and paper that’s what we provide, but since she didn't we have her black paper with silver and gold pens. In regards to the photo tech being "rude" I will say that all of our photo technicians are trained the same way. When you have a wedding that consists of over 200 people that’s a lot of people to manage. I just think that are focused behavior on getting things done with the photo girl was being takes for rudeness and that’s is completely not the case.

I have since contacted Micha since her writing this review and explained everything , plus I had also gave her a $200.00 refund as well for any inconvenience that she did accept. I also have all the email correspondence to show this has happened and would be happy to show anyone that asks.