May 01, 2011

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I were married May, 2011. We chose to use Stephen Merriam with Your Perfect Wedding and it was by far the easiest choice we made. Stephen is everything you are looking for in an Officiant. I promise! He is professional, timely, organized, affordable (there are different packages according for all budgets), extremely easy to work with, and fun  Honestly, the only difficult part of working with Your Perfect Wedding were all of the choices he provided regarding ceremony types. You could literally choose any type of ceremony; fun, traditional, religious, or off the wall. It was all there for you in easy to navigate notebooks. You also have the choice of developing your own original ceremony as Stephen walks you through all the necessities or allows you to choose for yourself what you both want in your wedding. That being said you also have the choice of saying to him “You do it” and he will develop a beautiful and perfect ceremony. He stayed in constant contact and kept us on track with everything that needed to be done. He provided drafts of the ceremony in case we needed to make revisions (or changed our minds). Stephen even gave us direction on what we needed to do with all the paperwork after the wedding which is something we knew very little about. We could not have been more satisfied. I literally cannot think of any way he needs improvement. Wedding planning is full of difficult choices but this one is easy. Choose Stephen you will be delighted!
Services used: Officiant