May 19, 2012

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The Ceremony will be held in Trinidad W.I
this is where my family is from
Port of Spain Trinidad W.I
Ceremony Location

Located on the north-western peninsula of Trinidad, Pier 1 has a unique combination of land and sea with a splendid view of the northern range and ocean.

Ceremony will be held at Pier 1's Poolside Area followed by Cocktail hr

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It was at the Diplomat hotel where he had a private table set up under a gazebo, with a beautfiul flower arrangement and white table cloth, very romantic setting with the sun going down, our own little area.  It was such a perfect setting.

We talked for a few, and enjoyed our wine, when he finally began to pace.  He got up and wanted to make sure the moment was right, and it was.

He asked me to come to the edge of the area, overlooking the beach and ocean, and read me a poem he wrote.  Everything was just perfect.  and got down on my knee and asked me to marry him. 

It was an amazing moment, I will remember every heartbeat of that moment the rest of my life.

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We met on, it was my last trial day on the site and he winked at me. He looked so adorable and genuine in his picture so I wrote him saying  "I  would no longer be on the site after today but we can keep in touch via email" until we met in person March 1st 2010 at Aruba's on the Bay FL. He was funny and charming and I knew I wanted to get to know more about him.  The rest is history.