Jun 04, 2011

Hilton City Line Philadelphia
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
My husband and I are happily married! We had a great honeymoon which I will review later. However the Hilton on city line ave in Phila was god awful, I really cant think of anything they didnt mess up? Maybe our names and cashing our checks :-/ The wedding planner Randy Schaller seemed like he was going to be fabulous, however once he got our signatures and our downpayment we couldnt find him, he never returned calls or emails. He made all these promises and kept none. Many guests were forced to stay elsewhere because they didnt hold the rooms promised, they forgot to hand out the guest bags I spent hours preparing which included a note for guests to join us for breakfast at 9am the following day, so only a few people who heard word of mouth showed :( Randy kept dissapearing all night, was innapropriate with male guests, made a rude comment about my grandmothers dress that left her in tears and if that werent enough the open bar ran out of beer! (leaving my uncles upset) Several guests got the wrong meals, and I spent a lot of time planning this wedding so for all this to go wrong was a nightmare. I was uphappy withour hotel suite as well, it was darka nd dingy, they didnt do anything special like rose petals on the bed.. they barely cleaned the room there was like a used tissue on the floor (not a huge deal but after allt he other stuff i was liek REALLY?!) The only good that came of this is I got to marry my best fried and have the most amazing honeymoon in Mexico at the excellence, that place is fantastic! So if you can, DONT HAVE YOUR RECEPTION AT HILTON PHILA CITY LINE!
Services used: Wedding Venue