May 05, 2012

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     Hello PW! I am so happy I found this site. You guys have been so welcoming and beyond HELPFUL! Here is our story..

       FI and I live in NY. We met in 5th grade. I was the new girl in the school and by the time we were in junior high (at the same school) he had a MAJOR crush on me. Everyone knew about it and he would always leave notes on my desk when we got back to school from the weekend. He would buy me skittles everyday after school (which I would never share with him ;) and by 8th grade, we were kind of an item for a very short time, since  I was more interested in trying to get the older high school boys' attention. We lost touch once we went to HS, and were re-united at my college graduation (10 yrs later) by a mutual friend. On our first real date he brought me a bag of skittles and well as they say...IT WAS FATE! We became an item and have been together for 9 years!

 The Proposal  

We have a beautiful daughter together, and had a big party to celebrate her first birthday. Toward the middle of the party, he insisted we grab the mic from the DJ to thank everyone for coming. I was just too busy running around with the kids and activities I had planned to want to stop to do that. However, he insisted, so I agreed and told him to "keep it short".  Well once he started talking and did some quick "thank you for coming..." he kept on talking about our lives together, and how he always dreamed of being with me... and then I started getting this OMG this is a little more than just a simple thank you for coming! Well long story short he proposed and got down on one knee in front of our closest family and friends. 

Ever since I was a kid I'd mess up my surprises by snooping around and finding my Christmas gift before time, and I'm always digging deeper and finding things out before I'm suppossed to, but this one was a total SURPRISE and I just did not see it coming! Our daughter is now 5, and we've been engaged for 4 years. I've gone back and forth with the planning process, but ended up going to graduate school, and it all became too much. Now we have decided to go full force since there are no other obstacles in the way, and I am so excited for our HAPPY NEW BEGINING! 

 Our Story photo 1Our Story photo 2


I had no input since it was a total surprise as I said, but I love it!

Our Story photo 3Our Story photo 4


We have chosen beautiful Puerto Rico as the perfect location for us to exchange vows and unite our lives together with our family and friends. Everyone will be flying in from the states and we are so excited for our fabulous destination wedding! Our ceremony will take place at el Castillo San Cristobal in Old San Juan. I love the old world feel of Old San Juan. It is just beautiful, and this place is a historic site, as well as an old fort which was used as land defense against attacks. We knew it was the perfect location for us. Here are a few pics of the site and a pic of someone who got married there which served as my motivation in choosing this location. I can't wait to take our couple pictures inside the fort...we are going to have some great shots!

 Our Story photo 5Our Story photo 6

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I knew I wanted an outdoor reception as well as ceremony, so I searched high and low for the perfect venue, and I was so excited when I found it! I did tons of research online and eventually made a trip out there to see it in person. It was just as great in person! The area is called the Watermill, becasue well they have this great Watermill and fountain that flows into the pool. I want to dress it up with lots of candles and LED lights that my DJ will be providing. I can't wait to give it some of my personal style. Here are some pics:

                                                                                                                                           Not sure yet if I will be adding a tent or not


                                                                                                  This is the space where the cocktail hr. will be

Our Engagement Shoot

While in PR to do some research on venue locations, etc. we had an engagment shoot. It was night time out so we couldn't get any beautiful beach shots, but here are a few pics.

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Now on to the rest of wedding planing!



I'm having 2 MOH's. This is their dress. We are going to shorten the hem above the knee. Here is their look:



Instead of a traditional bouquet for the MOH's, I opted to DIY these fans instead.  



Our daughter and my 2 yr. old niece will be our flower girls.

I was orig. going to order these online

but I found a great deal at Macy's and bought these instead. I'm going to add a sash from material from the MOH dress.


and of course...





You can't tell from the picture, but they are just soooo sparkly! I love them!


Bouquet Inspiration Pics:



Toward the end of the night this is the dress I'm changing into so we can continue to party the night away at the "after party"!




I orderd my pocketfolds,matte, and paper from paperandmore.com. The pocket folds were pre-assembled, and the inserts, and monogram I did myself. I printed them at Kinkos, and bought a trusty papercutter to help get the job done.






Final mockup=

I am using LED votives since my reception is outdoors. I'll have real flower petals scattered around the bottom.






In keeping with the theme of my blinged out shoes here's my cake inspiration pic.

My MOH already bought me my cake cutting set and toasting flutes with the same bling bling ;)


Candle decor inspiration:


Centerpiece Inspiration: