Apr 16, 2011

Amazing Event Djs
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Shawn was organized, professional and very nice too. We gave him an exact playlist with tons of songs. He didn't mind that we were dictating everything when it came to the music selection. Some of our songs were a little obscure and he found them all (and the versions we wanted of those songs) with very little time to find them in. He also did an amazing job of keeping the reception running smoothly and working with all the vendors. We were very, very glad we chose him after an extensive DJ search! :)
Services used: DJ

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We used Calamigos for our reception only because we had our wedding ceremony at a church. We had a really lovely experience with Calamigos. From beginning to end everyone was personable, smart, very responsive and very, very organized. We loved having Deirdre to answer our questions and help us get all the information so we could make our decision about choosing Calamigos. We were very appreciative of Virginia and all she did to keep everything organized and wonderful. She really, really worked hard for us! In fact, on the day of the wedding she helped make sure my mother's homemade flower arrangements and little trees with white lights got placed when my mother couldn't make it to the reception to set up before the ceremony! Mina was also really responsive and amazing. She's in charge and you could tell she just wanted us to have the perfect wedding experience! The space was absolutely gorgeous, the food was just delicious, the alcohol choices and quality for the price was awesome and we loved having Porto's for our cake baker! In one space we had everything we wanted with a much better price than most - and believe me, we looked long and hard before picking a place that would be venue, food, alcohol and cake baker all in one!
Services used: Wedding Venue

( 4.8 / 5.0 )
My experience with Crystal from Ninfa's Flowers was really lovely! And we looked long and hard before picking a florist. Crystal was responsive, organized, and really smart. I felt I could trust her to understand my concerns, my vision, everything. I also could trust her to keep my wedding within budget! The only problem I ran up against was that my bridal bouquet wasn't as stunning as I'd hoped in the end. I think this was my fault. I shouldn't have picked so many colors and I shouldn't have been so tight with the budget. Instead I should have thrown some extra money at the bridal bouquet and I would have had something that was really stunning. Whenever something was within Crystal's power to deliver it to me - she did just what I needed and beautifully too! I really loved working with her and would do so again!
Services used: Flowers

Porto's Bakery
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
We had Porto's for our wedding cake through our choice of Calamigos Equestrian for our reception for our wedding April of 2011. We worked with Karen. She was simply amazing!!! For very little extra beyond what we were already supposed to pay Calamigos (and they paid Porto's), she was able to make us not just a simple cake but the enchanted forest wedding cake I had found a picture of online in our wedding colors. Working with her was really wonderful. We couldn't have asked for a better experience!!! Oh and by the way, of course the cake tasted absolutely delicious!!! :)
Services used: Wedding Cake

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I was really happy with the wedding, bridal shower and rehearsal dinner invites we got from Wedding Paper Divas. Now I must admit that I wished I could have had the money to go to a private artist and really create something individualized. I still had to add some cute extras of my own to the wedding invites to make them mine and to make them a tad more fancy but I thought that I really got what I paid for with wedding paper divas and I was happy to save the money. I loved their service, willingness to return items for a full refund that didn't meet expectations, etcetera. I would definitely go to them again for invitations and encourage others with an eye on the wedding budget to do the same.
Services used: Invitations