Oct 05, 2013

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Since we are so far out from the big day, I am not even thinking about trying on dresses yet. I plan to wait until next fall to do that. However, that naturally hasn't stopped me from looking! :)

If one of these doesn't end up being "the dress" it will probably be something really similar.

Dresspiration photo 1Dresspiration photo 2  

Maggie Sottero Devine                          Maggie Sottero Kendra

(pre trying anything on these two below are front runners)

 Dresspiration photo 3    Dresspiration photo 4

Maggie Sottero Nicolette                          Maggie Sottero Priscilla

(can you tell I'm head over heels for Maggie Sottero?! lol)


Dresspiration photo 5  Dresspiration photo 6

Private Label by G 1311                               Private Lable by G 1345


And THENNNNN there's the outlier. It is nothing like any of the other dresses, and I'm not even sure I like it. My fiance adores it and it is kind of growing on me. I may give it a shot just because it is different and not at all what people would expect me to wear, but I have to be well on my way to my weight loss goals to even consider this one!

Dresspiration photo 7

Sottero and Midgley Adorae Rose



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It seems so far away right now, but I know time will fly!

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After much back and forth, I have settled on eight girls. The wedding party will definitley be on the bigger side, but these girls (friends and family) are all incredibly important to me and I couldn't imagine getting married without any of them beside me!

Maid of Honor:My Girls photo 1

My sister Ally. I feel like I look the same but she's grown up so much since this picture :)


Matron of Honor:

 My Girls photo 2  My Girls photo 3

               My cousin Julie (with her son/my ring bearer!)           Chrismas '92. Julie helping me read :)



My Girls photo 4

Jordan - friend from high school and current housemate at PSU (oldddddd pic lol)

My Girls photo 5

Brittany - my other half in high school/BFF (another old one!)

My Girls photo 6

Amber - another friend from high school and fellow bride to be. I will be in her wedding Sept '12

My Girls photo 7My Girls photo 8My Girls photo 9

Deanna, Jess and Maribeth - all best friends from undergrad at Susquehanna


Flower Girls:

My Girls photo 10My Girls photo 11

Maggie - Julie's daughter. 1st pic is much older, but my favorite of the two of us :) She will be 6

My Girls photo 12My Girls photo 13

Natalie - My little cousin. She is a ball of personality and the same age as the ring bearer. She'll be 4.

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We both really want a fall wedding. My favorite color is orange, so fall is the perfect time to use orange in the decor/attire/etc.

I really like the rich colors of fall - burnt oranges, deep reds, and dark browns. I am trying to figure out a way to combine the ideas of a vintage carnival with fall elegance. I think with all of this inspiration, I can do it! :)

My Colors (generally):

Colors and Inspiration photo 1

(I saved this a LONG time ago, so if you recognize it as yours please let me know and I will give you credit. I cannot for the life of me remember where I picked this up)


My Inspiration Board:

Colors and Inspiration photo 2

I got most of these from websites:

Blogs: 2 days in the rain, affairs at a glance, eventpros.wordpress., weddingplannin.blogspot, ruffledblog.com, Other sites: Craft Gossip, weddingbee.com, somethingturquoise.com, valeriekirklandweddingplanning.com

There are a few pictures that, like the color palette, I have had for a really long time and can't remember where they came from. If they are yours, don't hesitate to tell me!!



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Once Jeffrey moved to State College, we got our little baby! We had been looking for a long time for a Goldendoodle to adopt but that was next to impossible. Neither of us wanted to purchase a dog and adopting a Goldendoodle just wasn't working. So we started to look at local shelters and we found Olivia! She is a five year old poodle-bichon mix and absolutely wonderful. :)

I Can t Forget Our Furbaby photo 1                 I Can t Forget Our Furbaby photo 2

Curled in a blanket!!                                        Learning Mergers & Acquisitions with mom!

I Can t Forget Our Furbaby photo 3  I Can t Forget Our Furbaby photo 4

Nap with Dad!                         Pre-haircut

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This is one of the first rings we looked at when we started ring shopping. It was the first one I found that I really loved. We then thought about doing a custom ring from a local jeweler in State College, but Jeffrey went with this one because he didn't want to wait any longer and the price was a little more reasonable (which was perfectly fine with me!!)

The Ring photo 1

(all of my friends gave me a hard time about having my nails done...that usually never happens! But it actually WASN'T just for the picture. lol I had been doing them all week to try to curb the biting habit!)