Dec 18, 2011

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So, I'm definitely the DIY bride, and the budget bride. Perfect mix. and i love being original. :) and everything is custom made for me and this wedding! here are some things i've created! some of my DIY projects photo 1

I got these shoes at Charlotte Russe (originally $40) for $15!!!! My mother in law to be got me a few strands of rhinestone tape, and thats how i did the platform, and i bought a few packs of different sized adhesive rhinestones from Michael's and copied a pair I saw at a bridal salon. Then I just glued the feather into the little flap on the side. MMMMMMMM they're amazing. and they give me an extra 6 inches! Saved me from getting my dress hemmed! and they're SO comfy!!! imagine that! 


here's alternate views
some of my DIY projects photo 2they're not perfectly even, but after 3 hour, i started getting fed up, and i'll be walking to no one will be able to tell. haha. :) 


some of my DIY projects photo 3i looooveee these shoessss. 


should i sell them when the wedding is over or save them for special occasions?



So here is my dress. :) some of my DIY projects photo 4 The dress!! It's a size 12 Claudine Collection for Alyce designs. sweetheart neckline, Ivory satin A-line, cathedral length train, lace up corset back...Embellished with pearls, crystal and rhinestone..  mmmm. Dress was $700, and i only paid $375 cause a friend of mine said she wanted to pay for the other half as a wedding gift. 


Here is a shot of the back. Mind you this was the second time i tried it on, and they had the wrong ribbon in the back. the correct one is thicker, and ivory, not champagne.
 some of my DIY projects photo 5

That is not my veil, either. just one i was trying on. 


some of my DIY projects photo 6 This is the bridesmaid style. Its style # 7099 from ALfred Angelo. MOH is in amethyst, 1st bridesmaid is in sapphire. 2nd bridesmaid will be in sapphire also. :) They love the pockets. haha. 


These are the bridesmaid shoes that they chose: 
some of my DIY projects photo 7I wanted them in gold shoes, and they lOVED these. Said they were incredibly comfortable, and they'd definitely wear them after the wedding. :) $59.99 at DSW. i personally wouldn't pay that much for shoes, but you know.. to each his own. I think they look great with the dresses too. 


The bridesmaid bouquets. I still have some work to do but this is the gist of it. 11 natural touch ivory calla lilies ordered from (12 for $20) 
Twine was like.. $2 from Michael's. Peacock feathers i got on 24 for $10 before they raised the prices! GRRR. Don't mind the purple. That's just a pen i made with the feather on the top.. seeing what the bouquet looked like with a feahter in the back. 

I am also going to wrap a thick ivory ribbon around the twine, after i bind the twine around it tighter.. (some twine showing on top and bottom) and then a smaller ivory lace ribbon around that.. give it that layered look. :) 

some of my DIY projects photo 8


some of my DIY projects photo 9 SO this is the beginning of my bouquet. All i wanted here purple callas. and peacock feathers. Finally found them at hobby lobby for 50% off! Spent $20 on 10 HUGE callas! Perfect! I'm going to cut the bottoms (of course) and add peacock feathers randomly. Then I will probably wrap it in ivory satin ribbon, and then pearls or rhinestones or something. I've been searching for these for everrrrrrr and finally at hobby lobby lol. boom. just happy to have them. :) I'm going to put them in a shadow box for my mom as a gift after the wedding. 


some of my DIY projects photo 10

These are my invitations! We made them BY HAND FROM SCRATCH! Bought all the supplies online (took me forever to find the stuff! got it all at amazing prices) had the whole wedding party/family over in an assembly line cutting paper, glueing paper, cutting ribbon, cutting feathers, and i was at the end doing the wax "c" seal. I LOVE ITTTTTTT 


some of my DIY projects photo 11

made these all from scratch. got a bunch of fabric, cut it all, burnt the edges, sewed them together, sewed the beads on, sewed the comb in the back, and glued the feathers on. :) I have a burnette and a red head, and a black haired girl. :) I hope they love them! 


some of my DIY projects photo 12

another hand made from scratch (except the actual garter)
It's originally a double garter from Michael's but i took the dumb ribbon off, and made this flower, sewed everything, glued the feathers, and sewed it to the garter (which was actually alot harder than i thought it would be.)

The other one has big purple ostrich feahters, and i will probably have him throw that one  cause i like this one to keep :)

some of my DIY projects photo 13these are my beautiful chandelier earrings that im in love with. got them from America's Mart in Atlanta.


some of my DIY projects photo 14 this is what im thinking for bridal hair... only more curled and more teased on both sides. 

 i love my tiara though. and my veil! :) 
some of my DIY projects photo 15

so my hair kinda all pulled to one side, and one or two tendrils on the other side, teased on both sides of the tiara, and bangs more even. of course more clean, too.

 some of my DIY projects photo 16
these are my tags ordered from, we hand stamped and tied them all! love them!some of my DIY projects photo 17

these are the ball point pens that i wrapped in satin fabric, and glued feathers to. i'l put these in a glass vase with sand/stones/crystals in for the blessing tree. some of my DIY projects photo 18

and heres my groom to be studdin' it up.