Sep 12, 2009

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Just a few picts of the amazing day!The Big day photo 1The Big day photo 2The Big day photo 3 The Big day photo 4The Big day photo 5The Big day photo 6The Big day photo 7

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New Monogram prob using this one photo 1

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I made my decision... I'm going with the Melissa Sweet Mila. It was the very first one I truly loved and after trying it on...oh...say... 400 times, I made up my mind. I had to take one of my BFFs with me to solidify the decision! Wooo.... dress shopping is exhausting! Seriously!

The Dress I made the decision photo 1The Dress I made the decision photo 2

 (this is more real!! HAHAH)

The Dress I made the decision photo 3

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I've been playing around with creating a monogram for us. This was my first attempt. No too bad for a first timer.

 Monograms DIY photo 1

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Bridemaid dresses photo 1Bridemaid dresses photo 2Bridemaid dresses photo 3

These are the bridesmaid dresses. I am letting the girls pick what ever one they like the best. They all are going to be in a chocolate brown color.

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John proposed at the end of Greens Pier. It was perfect. He tricked me into thinking we were looking for a cooler my mom "supposedly" left out there. I honestly had no idea and was complaining the entire time about how we were late for dinner and how STARVING I WAS! It was a little like magic when this small ivory box appeared out of nowhere. (Seriously... how did I not notice it in his pocket). He said something sooo sweet (which I honestly cannot remember as I was so caught up in the surprise) and then asked me to marry him. I took a second thinking in my head "say yes... Meghan, say yes". I open my mouth and all that came out was "WELL DUH!!!!!!!!!!".

The Proposal photo 1This was taken right before it happened!