Jun 04, 2011

Chris Ellis Photography
( 2.6 / 5.0 )
I spent over a third of my wedding budget for my pictures and chose this photogapher for his creativity and the wonderful images I saw in his gallery. However, I chose not to go outside and have pictures taken in the 100+ degree heat or see my husband prior to the ceremony. The creativity is not there for ANY of my pictures... they are all posed and don't show my personality nor my bridesmaids personalities. There are no pictures of my mom and I, which I find particulary devastating since she was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Not only that, but he was rude and condescending while corresponding with my mother, myself, and my husband. We were married in June and did not receive our album (which is not a typical album it's very small and almost like a scrapbook of images which I'm sure a lot of people like, but was not what I expected) until mid October and my mother and grandmother did not receive their albums until the second week of November. His personality might mesh well with others, but it did not work well with us in the end and as a bride I did not feel he made me or my family a priority.
Services used: Photography